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Versions of Software on FreeNode's #perl

bp31416 rindolf: I command you both, to uninstall it, and install SuSE10.2 =P
jagerman "versions" are so annoying.
jagerman "I use Linux 10.2!"
iank jagerman: I had a friend who insisted the answer to the question "What version of the kernel are you running?" was "gnome".
jagerman eval: $POE::Kernel::VERSION
buubot jagerman: 1.2173
jagerman \o/
Terminus heh, a friend of mine only remembers me running ximian a few years ago and he keeps on asking me, "why don't you run ximian again?" where ximian == OS for him.
bp31416 jagerman: could be worse lingo-wise, in tech-support many folks asking on Q about 'THEIR internet' isn't working, or 'does it have internet installed?', I sir.... when did you manage to buy the internet in whole? ....... ahhhh... the internet is not a socket you plug in any of the ports sir
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