Violent Cats and Astrology - Fortune

Violent Cats and Astrology

* f00li5h paws at apeiron
* WinstonSmith hisses at f00li5h
* f00li5h pounces on that WinstonSmith critter
* WinstonSmith scratches that f00li5h and hides under the sofa
* Su-Shee gets a bucket of cold water.
* WinstonSmith meows at f00li5h quickly before Su-Shee comes with that water
* Khisanth blasts WinstonSmith with a firehose
WinstonSmith garbl grbl garblll
* apeiron shakes fist at 'variable length lookbehind not supported'
* apeiron also shakes fist at $CLIENT speccing against a regex a stupid jquery dev wrote instead of the well-tested module
Khisanth you can change it into (?: | | | ) in at least some cases
* WinstonSmith jumps on top of the wardrobe, dries himself and glares menacingly at Khisanth
* Khisanth grabs an apeiron and throws it at WinstonSmith
apeiron I get shouty when $CLIENTs spec stupidity.
apeiron @CLIENT? $CLIENTs?
Khisanth got shout at client then :)
* WinstonSmith nuzzles apeiron to calm him down
apeiron WinstonSmith, that doesn't remove the stupidity from the spec.=\
WinstonSmith apeiron, maybe the stupidity is in $CLIENT ?
apeiron yes, I know that.
* WinstonSmith considers the nuzzling having effect - he disabled the caps key ; -)
* apeiron just shouts into loudbot
rindolf Cat violence!
rindolf Felix Felini Lupus est!
WinstonSmith felix perlus aggressivus!
rindolf WinstonSmith: Latin!
WinstonSmith rindolf, pseudo!
rindolf WinstonSmith: yes, true. Mock-Latin.
WinstonSmith ah so you have pseudo in english?
rindolf How do you say "A cat to a cat is a wolf" in Latin?
rindolf WinstonSmith: there is pseudo there.
SpiceWork leo ripanus !
rindolf SpiceWork: what does that mean?
rindolf Leo is lion, right?
WinstonSmith leo is the king
SpiceWork no idea. a wine I loved, but year that followed sucked.
rindolf LeoNerd.
ne2k leonidas
SpiceWork *the year that
LeoNerd Correct
rindolf /nick TauNerd
rindolf /nick TaurusNerd
SpiceWork european wine quality varies too much :\
LeoNerd Hehe.. I could go through all the zodiac signs :)
LeoNerd /nick CapricornNerd
apeiron LeoNerd, /nick FishNerd?
apeiron Somehow that doesn't have the same ring to it...
LeoNerd Pices surely?
apeiron Pisces.
LeoNerd Er, yes.. them :)
rindolf I don't believe in Astrology because I'm a Taurus and Tauri never believe in Astrology.
rindolf </old-joke>
Simplicity ...Lol.
* Su-Shee is a Leo-Shee.
rindolf Su-Shee: ah, you're a Leo too?
Simplicity I don't exactly /follow/ Astrology, but I believe some horoscopes hit spot on.
apeiron They're vague enough to apply to anyone.
rindolf Simplicity: there was something about a survey where people read the Astrological forecast either before or after the week, and those that read it aferwards said it did not happen to them.
Su-Shee well I choose only the good one and manipulate the day accordingly ;)
Simplicity Heh
WinstonSmith Su-Shee++
SpiceWork I was really dissapointed on how superstitious japanese people are at first. then I stopped idiolzing them :p
Su-Shee but I'm a firm believer in compenent manipulation anyways ;)
Simplicity apeiron: I didn't want to go there as to not offend any possible believers.
LeoNerd I find them interesting. Usually they're completely off the mark, but just occasionally they give me something interesting to think about, something to focus my mind on.. reminding me something I sortof knew anyway
apeiron Simplicity, If people can't tolerate the truth, they shouldn't be on the internet. :)
WinstonSmith apeiron, omg there is truth on the internetz?
apeiron yes!
Simplicity WinstonSmith: Everything you read on the Internet is true!
* WinstonSmith double-facepalms
WinstonSmith i knew all that stuff about the lizard people could'nt be a lie
* WinstonSmith notches the paranoia up
Simplicity WinstonSmith: The only "lizard people" I have ever heard about is the Illuminati.
WinstonSmith Simplicity, well Cheney was on of them ;-)
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