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What are You Trying to Achieve?

sQuEE eval: [qr/^(\d)(?{ "x{$1}" })$/]
buubot sQuEE: [qr/(?-xism:^(\d)(?{ "x{$1}" })$)/]
* mauke looks at sQuEE
sQuEE :$
fizztpok_ Man, I always feel like I'm getting the hang of Perl until I see nonsense like that.
mauke what are you trying to do?
sQuEE im trying to eval qr/$regex/ which contains ^(\d)(??{ "x{$1}" })$ , but $@ returns null
mauke no, what are you actually trying to do?
ik sQuEE: what is the point of doing the thing that you are doing?
sQuEE no, thats just a testing example
sQuEE im trying to assign $regex what i captured from a previous match using qr// , eval { $regex = qr/$2/ };
sQuEE im not sure what im doing wrong
mauke I'm not interested in what you're doing; what are you trying to achieve?
ik You're capturing a regex with a regex and attempting to use said regex?
ik I hope the data you're matching isn't input :(
PerlJam mauke: I'm trying to achieve world peace and this regex is the last thing standing in my way! ;)
Khisanth there will be no world peace!
* Khisanth stabs PerlJam
DrForr Can I at least have whirled peas?
* PerlJam fires up the whirly gig for DrForr and inserts some peas
* Khisanth dumps a bowl of whirled peas on DrForr's head
DrForr Mmm, whirled peas.
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