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Mel|work Yaakov: icke==troll?
rindolf Mel|work: no, he's not a troll.
Yaakov Mel|work: No, icke is just... enthusiastic about "channel purity"
Mel|work k....
* rindolf hates when people abuse the == operator in English for "contained in"
apeiron rindolf, "icke contained in troll"? That's not what Mel|work meant.
tarbo sure he did, if you make troll a set of users
rindolf apeiron: what he meant by icke == troll is that icke belongs to the set of trolls.
rindolf apeiron: not that every troll in the world is icke.
apeiron rindolf, No, he was asking if icke is a troll.
icke $icke->isa('Troll');
icke (false)
rindolf apeiron: is-a means "contained in the set of objects with the property of"
rindolf apeiron: mathematically speaking.
apeiron rindolf, Okay, so you're assigning the mathematical meaning of == to its usage in a *perl* channel?
apeiron rindolf, Now who's fiddling with meanings, eh?
rindolf apeiron: whatever.
apeiron 'whatever' is what those who have lost their argument say.
rindolf apeiron: whatever.
apeiron ^ QED
rindolf apeiron: whatever.
PerlJam apeiron: I thought that's what people who don't care say.
apeiron PerlJam, If one doesn't care, they wouldn't respond.
PerlJam apeiron: whatever
PerlJam ;-)
rindolf LOL.
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