What's in a variable-name? on Freenode's #perl. - Fortune

What's in a variable-name? on Freenode's #perl.

WebDragon y'all should spell it in uppercase it being an acronym and all
reaction Yes, but we're *lazy*!
* WebDragon *so* noticed ;)
dkr WebDragon: people that use CamelCase have no right to criticize about capitalization. :)
WebDragon dkr: I hate underscores
* dkr contemplates a source code filter that does lets you use spaces in var names by switch them to underscores at compile time
preaction black magic
mst dkr: source filters are evil.
mst dkr: in a bad way.
mst dkr: hacking the compiler is much more fun, and evil in a useful way :)
mst WebDragon: recommended perl style is $var_name
mst WebDragon: it's also more readable than $varName or $VarName
mst WebDragon: I'd recommend trying it for at least a month
mst WebDragon: also note that it'll make life easier because you'll be consistent with the rest of perl code
WebDragon mst: I was thinking more along the lines of filenames and irc nicknames than perl variables
mst WebDragon: ah. fair enough :)
* WebDragon doesn't use camelcase for perlvars
mst WebDragon: then I shall cease complaining :)
avar ${"Insert a descriptive essay about the variable here"}
WebDragon rofl
rindolf avar: that won't work with 'use strict 'refs''
WebDragon avar: I've seen things like that in RL and had recurring nightmares about them when I saw similar and sometimes worse things on thedailywtf.com
mst rindolf: ${main::}{"Insert a descriptive essay about the variable here"} would :)
mst rindolf: or you could just use %_ :)
dkr my boss still occasionally uses vars like $x. still trying to beat that behavior out of him
* WebDragon only uses x|y|z for cartesian coordinate math
WebDragon which, since I hardly ever do any of that, means the obvious
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