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Which version of Perl are we at, today?

Botje crane_work: 5.6 is ancient.
pink_mist crane_work: use perlbrew
mauke do you mean 5.6?
Botje crane_work: even 5.10 is end of line.
mauke then you need to install 5.6
mauke also, uninstall 5.6 and 5.10 and install 5.16
DrForr crane_work: Then install v5.6 with perlbrew. And pad your keyboard for the inevitable <headdesk/>s.
DrForr And holy god why do you *need* something last bugfixed in the last *century*.
Botje or, you know, use a version of perl developed *after* 9/11.
lesshaste mauke: would you be able to share the code with me?
crane_work lol ^^
mauke lesshaste: http://paste.scsys.co.uk/204936
lesshaste thanks!
Botje if necessary, tell your boss perl 5.16 has been terrorism-proofed.
DrForr crane_work: Ha ha only *serious*. 5.6 is almost unrecognizable under the cobwebs.
crane_work i guess this would be a pro argument...
pink_mist crane_work: as we've said a few times: perlbrew
lesshaste mauke: I get that's fast!
lesshaste I bet
mauke lesshaste: I doubt it
lesshaste we need someone to work on pyperl :)
mauke it seeks all over the place
lesshaste mauke: why?
lesshaste ah ok
huf c code with perl reindenting is ... strange
mauke but that's why I wanted to test it on a nontrivial data set :-)
DrForr Why would compiling to a different VM do any good?...
DrForr Oh, because it's python, therefore better. Silly me.
huf it'd force people to understand (and fix) the darkest corners of the perl grammar? *shrug* dunno
mauke grammar and semantics
huf that too. the vote on how to interpolate $length[1234] into regexes doesnt make me feel good...
lesshaste DrForr: it's not really python
lesshaste DrForr: In fact, it's not python :)
lesshaste DrForr: they just did the same thing for PHP
lesshaste DrForr: and was some project for prolog etc in the past
crane_work maybe this question would be stupid but... why if use v5.06 is stupid is it possible to tell perl to use a version?
mauke crane_work: what?
huf use v5.6 isnt stupid, it just does something other than what you wanted.
lesshaste DrForr: the idea is simply that it would be *faster*
crane_work huf: in which cases will i need it=?
rindolf lesshaste: isn't pyperl this - http://wiki.python.org/moin/PyPerl ?
mauke when your code doesn't run on 5.005 and earlier
huf crane_work: use VERSION means your script requires at least that version of perl. if an older one tries to load it, it'll tell you to fuck off and get a newer perl. it will not turn your new perl into an old one however.
lesshaste rindolf: that has the same name :) I mean using pypy to make a jit for perl as in http://pypy.org/
rindolf lesshaste: OK, there's perlito.
mst crane_work: if you want to check for things
mst crane_work: Perl::MinimumVersion exists IIRC
rindolf perlbot: perlito
perlbot rindolf: No factoid found. Did you mean one of these: [#perl topic] [perl topic] [perl tutorials] [perl5004delta] [perl5005delta] [perl561delta] [perl56delta] [perl570delta] [perl6 Test.pm] [perldata]
lesshaste rindolf: is that a static compiler or a jit?
DrForr crane_work: Then start with 5.16 and don't worry about earlier versions.
rindolf perlbot: perlito is http://perlito.org/ - a Perl 5 / Perl 6 compiler written in Perl 5 / Perl 6.
perlbot rindolf: Stored perlito is http://perlito.org/ - a Perl 5 / Perl 6 compiler written in Perl 5 / Perl 6.
rmah people should just call it perl 16
huf but it isn't.
mst I have a tendency to say /usr/bin/perl version 16
mst since -V says 'perl revision 5 version 16';
mst so it *is* "version 16"
rmah they called java 1.4 "java 4"
rmah it's just marketing man!
GlitchMr Perl 16 would be too confusing with Perl 6
mst perl6 is a separate language
rmah GlitchMr: we'll soon have Perl 18, so it's all good
GlitchMr Perl 5.006 is definitely not Perl 6
mst this is perl5 version 16
michael_campbell They called java 1.4, "java 1.4". java moved names at java 5.
michael_campbell but point stands.
huf did it help? i know it generated years of confusion :D
huf is that good?
mauke GlitchMr: but I call it perl6, not perl 6
mst GlitchMr: yeah, "Perl 6" is an error, since the 6 is part of the name
Su-Shee I call Java "Anne-Mary Lousia" and Python "Charles Phillip Arthur George" (bonus points for recognizing this one ;)
mst GlitchMr: people misparse it as "perl version 6"
rmah how much of an improvement is perl 16 over perl 14 and 12?
Botje Su-Shee: do you also put them like that on your CV? :)
rindolf http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systemd is at version 187 - eat your heart out, Emacs!
rmah wondering if I should go through the hassle of upgrading
Botje rmah: five percent.
DrForr Su-Shee: Vaguely.
mst Su-Shee: python's ears aren't nearly big enough for that
pink_mist rmah: read the perldoc perldeltas
rmah Botje: hmm, ok
mst rmah: s//r in 14 is my favourite thing ever
rmah pink_mist: that would take actual work! <gasp!>
mst rmah: also 'package Name VERSION {'
Su-Shee mst: *bow* nice. :)
GlitchMr s///r is just nice syntactic sugar
rmah mst: thanks for the info
mst GlitchMr: given a turing machine, all new syntax is sugar
rmah I like sugar
GlitchMr Hmmm... yeah
GlitchMr We all could write without pointers in C
mauke could we?
GlitchMr Brainfuck to C compiler doesn't use pointers
GlitchMr ... or perhaps it does...
GlitchMr Would int array[3000]; count as pointer?
mst without the ability to point, what would you do before you laugh?
Altreus mst: you should tweet that profundity
Altreus might not be banal enough for twitter mind you
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