Who is Spartacus? - Fortune

Who is Spartacus?

Su-Shee (I'm not huskypaw. I swear... :)
dngor Me neither. I'm also not Spartacus.
* rindolf is Spartacus.
* rindolf just is.
rindolf I have E-mail again, too.
fizztpok I think you're a figment of my imagination.
rindolf fizztpok: I'm still Spartacus.
mst fizztpok: out of all the possible people that could exist you imagined *rindolf* ?!
rindolf mst: LOL.
rindolf mst++
stunix yay, I found my Perl-tshirt.
rindolf stunix: pics, please.
stunix #!/usr/bin/perl -w
stunix use strict;
rindolf stunix: don't flood.
stunix with the camel on the back.
stunix rindolf: I'm not flooding.
mst stunix: -w is out of date.
mst stunix: you need a new T-shirt :)
Khisanth fizztpok: now I have to go and kill you ...
anno t-shirt update
rindolf Khisanth: :-)
stunix mst: I don't use "-w" myself, but I use strict;
stunix :)
mst stunix: use strict; use warnings;
* rindolf is a figment of #perl's collective imagination.
Khisanth rindolf was too far away but you seem to be on the same continent at least
mst rindolf: now that I could believe.
fizztpok haha
fizztpok there's a name for this
fizztpok I saw a wikipedia article on it
fizztpok the belief that the universe is your mind's creation
mauke solipsism
anno can't be disproved
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