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Who pwns whom, Ozone and Music

j_wright some people are very attached to their big IDEs, or editors with 1000 features
vasundhar who is advocating vim?
rindolf j_wright: real men and real women and real boys and real girls use butterflies!
* preaction fights for Vim!
rindolf Real cats also use butterflies.
rindolf preaction: every mighty Klingon warrior uses Vim.
rindolf Buffy Summers uses vim.
preaction only green-blooded Romulan scum use Emacs
rindolf Since she is on our side, we are definitely going to win.
Barbapappa chuck norris uses vi
rindolf Barbapappa: heh.
popl_ s/ides/ideas/
rindolf Barbapappa: Buffy Summers > Chuck Norris.
preaction so, Chuck Norris is a vampire?
Barbapappa Richard Simmons > Buffy Summers
rindolf preaction: no, but in the Buffyverse, he's getting pwned by Bfufy.
rindolf Barbapappa: who is Richard Simmons?
Barbapappa rindolf: ;O
preaction exercise guy
rindolf preaction: ah.
preaction you've probably seen him without knowing
rindolf preaction: maybe.
rindolf Weird Al Yankovic > *.
rindolf http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultimate_Showdown_of_Ultimate_Destiny - Mr. Rogers > *
preaction indeed
rindolf Anyway, the question is - which editor does God use?
j_wright teco
rindolf And which editor does Logic, which is God's master uses?
* rindolf would love to meet the Goddess of Logic.
rindolf j_wright: heh.
popl_ flamebait :P
rindolf popl_: what?
rindolf Logic also has masters. We all do.
rindolf “A is A, and A is not not-A? WTF is he talking about??! Of course A can be not-A! I want a little of the stuff he's on!”
rindolf There was something about there being many storms in Ancient Greece, which made them very high on Ozone.
popl_ No time for existential jibber jabber. Daddy needs new shoes.
rindolf Ozone in small quantities make you think clearer.
rindolf s/make/makes/
popl_ rindolf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRx5PrAlUdY
popl_ how small?
popl_ :P
rindolf popl_: the music starts very softly.
rindolf popl_: is this dubstep?
popl_ yes
rindolf popl_: ah.
rindolf popl_: ah, OK.
popl_ a dubstep band called o-zone
rindolf popl_: dubstep is all the rage now.
rindolf popl_: I'm more into pop/etc.
rindolf But there's a lot of good dubstep.
rindolf popl_: I don't like this song much. Seems uneven and inconsistent.
popl_ I was joking rindolf. It's not dubstep. This is europop, I guess.
j_wright either way, i am glad i didn't click
popl_ It was a joke because you were talking about ozone in small quantities.
rindolf popl_: ah, I see.
rindolf popl_: seems like Eurodance.
popl_ I hope so. I murdered the joke and splayed it open for you.
rindolf j_wright: <irony>It's actually a rick-roll</irony>
j_wright i don't see the irony
rindolf popl_: it's funny, but I actually like a lot of the all-girls bands britpop, like Atomic Kitten, All Saints, Girls Aloud, Spice Girls, etc.
rindolf popl_: also like some songs by Britney Spears.
rindolf popl_: not sure if Americans are really aware of Atomic Kitten.
rindolf popl_: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V0xQkk9kbc - hope you can view it.
rindolf It may be blocked only to Europe.
rindolf Uploading the .webm now. rsync++.
j_wright http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_Kitten#Members wtf is the point of this chart
j_wright someone wanted a gold star for this page
rindolf Hmm.... they are together again?
rindolf They are whole again!
j_wright oh dear, fangasm
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