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World War 3

Su-Shee aaah. an hour of hiking in the late summer/early autumn weather makes everything better...
tadzik I deny the notion that it may be autumn already
Su-Shee tadzik: damn, I haven't even packed my stuff yet for the invasion..
Su-Shee god what am I going to wear..
tadzik a uniform, duh
Su-Shee YEAH WHAT COLOR MAN.. black or grey or green...
DrForr Oo, a woman in uniform.
tadzik 1st sep. problems
Su-Shee hm, well I look very good in army green..
Su-Shee tadzik: will you greet me at the border? ;)
tadzik Su-Shee: our cavalry is waiting for your tanks ;)
Su-Shee tadzik: I'm not riding a tank.. ugly. noisy.
tm604 I'm sure there are fluoro electric ones by now
Su-Shee tm604: that doesn't forfill german-polish WW2 requirements. ;)
Su-Shee tadzik: sometimes I wonder if some war game simulations still exist in some dark cellar in some old ministry in germany or poland..
tadzik Su-Shee: in germany? Surely ;)
huf ww, pff.. we've been on www since 1996!
Su-Shee huf: so, did we miss WWW3 then?
Altreus 3.1
huf miss? she's a girl?
Su-Shee "War for Workgroups"
tadzik haha
Su-Shee or, "Windows for War". ;)
huf world wide war
Su-Shee that's what I was going for with WWW3
Su-Shee world wide war would be number 3 after world war two. ;)
huf no wonder the dod's website is :)
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