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Life is Hard

rindolf Hi all.
rindolf FROGGS , moritz , hoelzro , Juerd : hello! What's new?
moritz everything with a new enough timestamp
FROGGS rindolf: nothing
rindolf moritz: heh.
FROGGS I assume rindolf doesnt meant -Inf :o)
timotimo moritz: feel like reviewing/merging ? froggs and me both spectested it :)
* rindolf unleashes his inner Sarah Michelle Gellar to kiss moritz for his inventive avoidance of saying what he is up to.
rindolf FROGGS: I’m old enough to remember the invention of the Camel.
FROGGS rindolf: well, if you want to know what we are up to you may ask that
rindolf FROGGS: “When I was your age, Jennifer Lawrence was called Sarah Bernhardt”
rindolf FROGGS: moritz will always find a way to avoid it.
rindolf FROGGS: unless threatened.
rindolf FROGGS: or sweet talked.
FROGGS and today is my first day off, and on wednessday starts the german perl workshop, so still stuff to prepare
rindolf FROGGS: nice.
rindolf FROGGS: prepare hard! Enjoy hard! Rest hard!
rindolf Step 4: profit hard!
rindolf Step 5: retire hard!
timotimo Step 6: die hard!
rindolf timotimo: LOL.
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