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More Geek Facts about Chuck Norris

Su-Shee rindolf: yes, I played with Squeak a little and yes I'd like a vim clone written in perl.
Makoryu Why isn't there one already, then?
Makoryu (A vim clone in Perl)
Su-Shee good question. there's one in javascript :)
rindolf Su-Shee: actually , it's a vi clone.
rindolf Writing a vi clone is much easier than writing a vim clone.
rindolf Just like writing a Scheme clone is much easier than writing a Perl 6 implementation.
rindolf Unless you're Chuck Norris.
Su-Shee rindolf: darn.. he already wrote a vim in perl6?
moritz_ no, he scared K&R into writing it ;-)
rindolf Su-Shee: Chuck Norris is the ghost author of the entire Debian GNU/Linux distribution.
rindolf Su-Shee: and he wrote it in 24 hours, while taking snack breaks.
Su-Shee rindolf: yes, I know - he published slackware under the pseudonym patrick volkerding...
rindolf Chuck Norris read the entire Wikipedia. Twice.
araujo the second time includes fixing all its errors
moritz_ but he didn't commmit his changes, it seems
rindolf moritz_: heh.
rindolf LOL.
araujo Chuck Norris doesn't commit changes, the changes commit for him
araujo :)
rindolf Code is too scared of Chuck to be wrong.
rindolf It is generated right in the first time.
rindolf Bugs are too afraid to reproduce on Chuck Norris' computer.
Su-Shee .o(I see a chuck norris release on the horizon... ;)
rindolf Su-Shee: :-)
Su-Shee we could ask chuck norris if he's willing to promote the star release.. ;)) (which probably kill the entire internet due to laughter.. :)
araujo Perl 6 - A Chuck Norris like language
dukeleto Chuck Norris has actually been using Perl 6 since 1987, and has been waiting for Larry to play catch-up. :)
rindolf dukeleto: LOL.
rindolf Perl 6 - Kicks ass like Chuck.
Su-Shee rakudo - chuck's choice ;)
Su-Shee well, camelia and chuck norris go well together. ;)
rindolf OK.
rindolf Of course everybody know Chuck Norris is a real programmer.
rindolf He designs machines by combining individual atoms.
rindolf Using his thought.
rindolf Atoms obey Chuck Norris.
Su-Shee rindolf: you obviously have been starved and deprived of super hero comics in your childhood :)
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