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Diablo-D3 Feminists
Diablo-D3 So anti-womans rights douchebags.
rindolf Diablo-D3: well, I don't know too much about how feminism relates to the global women-lib movement.
rindolf I do know I kinda hate feminazis, which I consider a subset of feminists.
Diablo-D3 It's a bunch of women who are pissed than other women are getting dicked more often than them.
rindolf Diablo-D3: heh.
Diablo-D3 So they "hate" men, but secretly want to be tied to a bed and boned repeatedly.
Lady_Aleena Diablo-D3, please don't lump me in that group.
Diablo-D3 Lady_Aleena: thats up to you, not me
Diablo-D3 I do not create feminists, I only laugh at them
rindolf Lady_Aleena: I don't think you're a feminazi.
rindolf Lady_Aleena: you're really cool.
rindolf Lady_Aleena: at least on IRC.
Lady_Aleena Thanks... :)
Lady_Aleena Though I still want to break a guy's fingers.
rindolf Lady_Aleena: and don't take what Diablo-D3 says seriously.
Lady_Aleena I try to keep an open mind.
Diablo-D3 rindolf: hey now
rindolf Lady_Aleena: well, you or I can want to kill some people and it's OK as long as we don't actually do it.
Lady_Aleena rindolf, NOT kill, maim.
Diablo-D3 any woman who tries to take away the rights of other women should be flogged in the town square.
Lady_Aleena One can not change the mind of the dead.
Lady_Aleena However, one can change the minds of the maimed.
rindolf Lady_Aleena: in one of my stories (still work in progress), the protagonist wants to punch her boyfriend, but she knows better than that and so just goes away frustrated.
rindolf Lady_Aleena: let me translate that part to English.
Diablo-D3 rindolf: thats boring!
rindolf Diablo-D3: :-)
Lady_Aleena She should have kneed him in the nuts.
rindolf Diablo-D3: maybe she should shoot him with a bazooka.
Diablo-D3 Clearly the chick should hit the guy, the guy should hit back, and then they should have wild sex.
rindolf Diablo-D3: it's in public.
Lady_Aleena UH! S&M!
Lady_Aleena rindolf, the best place.
rindolf Diablo-D3: it's actually an anti-thesis to a lot of Hollywoodian stuff.
rindolf Lady_Aleena: to have wild sex?
Lady_Aleena rindolf, sure, why not?
Lady_Aleena A dom makes her sub perform sexual acts on demand, no matter the place. If insufficient the sub is flogged.
Lady_Aleena s/A dom/A dom, with no inhibitions,/;
* Lady_Aleena giggles.
Lady_Aleena I think I just sent 2 men running for their mommies.
Diablo-D3 no, we're too busy fapping.
Lady_Aleena Good.
Lady_Aleena Good little perl boy…
Diablo-D3 lol
Diablo-D3 evil Lady_Aleena
Lady_Aleena Bad perl boy, no cookies...
* Lady_Aleena is now known as Mistress_Aleena
rindolf Mistress_Aleena: heh.
* Mistress_Aleena laughs.
rindolf Well, that scene continues.
rindolf In the balcony.
rindolf They end up making out.
rindolf I can translate more I guess.
Mistress_Aleena No need.
rindolf Mistress_Aleena: maybe you should be Madame_Aleena
* Mistress_Aleena is now known as Madame_Aleena
rindolf I wonder if I should make a fortune out of this conversation.
rindolf It's a bit Rish instead of PG-13ish.
Madame_Aleena little rindolf, go for the X.
rindolf Madame_Aleena: X!
rindolf X marks the spot.
rindolf X-Windows.
Madame_Aleena Yes it does, little rindolf.
rindolf Maybe you should be Hotbabe_Aleena
rindolf Madame_Aleena: BTW, did you register Mistress_Aleena and Madame_Aleena ?
Madame_Aleena Yes.
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