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Really Extreme Programming

rindolf cl0ud: what's up?
cl0ud rindolf: just getting ready for work on this drizzly day
cl0ud rindolf: and feeling great
cl0ud rindolf: you?
rindolf cl0ud: sending an email to the Extreme Programming mailing list.
ik xtreme
ik rindolf: tell them that in order to be truly extreme, they need to ditch their pair-programming buddy system and start programming with spent ammunition and unexploded shells
rindolf ik: heh.
rindolf Extremist Programming
ik haha
rindolf Ik-stremist Programming.
ik :o
ispy_ What about Psycho Coding?
ispy_ :)
ispy_ PSYCoder <--- cool name for an editor :)
cl0ud Psychaudit <- memory tester
rindolf Neuraudit
ispy_ Hahah
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