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Reflections on Trusting Documentation

whoppix Quick git question, perhaps someone knows the answer: I have a file in my git tree (locally and in the repository), but I want git to ignore the file completely, i.e. git is not to touch the file on the filesystem by updating it or merging local changes into the repostiroy
rindolf whoppix: you can use .gitignore
rindolf I think
whoppix rindolf, hmm, good idea, thanks.
whoppix that was slow.
whoppix rindolf, hm, I think git update-index --assume-unchanged is what I need.
whoppix .gitignore is only for untracked files
rindolf whoppix: OK, have no clue what that is.
rindolf Git is so complicated.
rindolf And so opaque
whoppix rindolf, me neither, but the doc tells me to use that.
rindolf whoppix: can you believe the docs?
rindolf The docs may be lying.
rindolf Don't trust the docs.
rindolf Don't trust anything.
rindolf You're all alone.
rindolf It's you against the machine.
rindolf When in doubt, use the source code.
rindolf Not some sissy documentation.
whoppix right
whoppix I'll have some of what you've been smoking
rindolf whoppix: I'm 100% clean.
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