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Should I use BitKeeper or GitHub?

fanfan When should I use BitKeeper (peer-to-peer) and when should I use GitHub (client-server) for my software project?
yawkat fanfan: git is distributed
rindolf fanfan: why do you want to use BitKeeper?
rindolf fanfan: and git is distributed too.
fanfan rindolf, I didn't understand.
rindolf fanfan: git is peer-to-peer - just like BitKeeper.
fanfan rindolf, so when should I use Git and when should I use GitHub?
rindolf fanfan: there are other git services aside from GitHub and you can set up one of your own.
rindolf fanfan: you normally use git to interact with GitHub.
fanfan rindolf, I don't really know what should I do, can please guide me.
rindolf fanfan: use GitHub if you like it - if not - use a different git service provider.
fanfan rindolf, well I choose GitHub because there are already millions of people using it, so it seems trustworthy.
baum fanfan: same for bitbucket and others
fanfan baum, I will just use GitHub before I get crazy in all these options.
baum fanfan: you could also just use git
rindolf fanfan: it seems like a good choice at the moment.
rindolf baum: we told him that.
fanfan baum, So Git is better than BitKeeper?
catbadger git is better than everything
rindolf baum: this seems like one of those 'Should I use jQuery or JavaScript?' questions.
baum rindolf: oh i see, didn't read up. and yes it does
fanfan rindolf, I get it now, I people use GitHub because they don't have a server or online-storage, and they don't want to. But I have a server so I can just use BitKeeper.
rindolf fanfan: well, BitKeeper was made open source only relatively recently, which caused git (and previously other FOSS VCSes) to become popular instead.
rindolf fanfan: why do you want to use bitkeeper?
fanfan rindolf, because 15 years of development
rindolf fanfan: you can set up a git service on your server as well.
fanfan rindolf, and is supported by a big company
rindolf fanfan: well, git probably had more contributors.
rindolf fanfan: which big company supports BK?
fanfan rindolf, just please tell me, for god's sake, should I use GitHub or Git?
baum fanfan: if you are judging a source control solution by its company and years of existence maybe check out Visual SourceSafe :)
rindolf fanfan: I suggest you use git and you can opt to use GitHub as well.
rindolf baum: heh, I laughed-out-loud from that comment.
rindolf baum: can I tweet it?
fanfan rindolf, is GitHub best of its kind?
baum rindolf: go for it :)
mpetch used PVCS in an enterprise environment for many years with Nortel/BNR
rindolf baum: thanks!
fanfan okay guys, I will just use GitHub, before I get crAZY, now everyone shut up.
rindolf fanfan: great.
mpetch you sure you want to use github?
rindolf mpetch: be careful or you'll make him be like the child monster who wants to be "there" -
mpetch haha
rindolf mpetch: :-)
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