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rindolf Zuu: some people told me they think a Freecell/etc. solver is useless, but it has some uses and is my most popular project todate.
Zuu I’m mostly surprised that you can find the spirit to work on it for so long.
Zuu like, so many years.
Zuu But as long as you find the time to distribute Santas presents, it's all good :P
rindolf Zuu: I actually don't distribute Santa's presents - that is goody-two-shoes-reindeer's job. Being an EvilReindeer I do the opposite - I steal all the presents to maintain balance in the force.
bizarrefish rindolf: Do you have an evil master?
Zuu rindolf, Noooooh!
bizarrefish Perhaps a jolly one?
rindolf bizarrefish: no! I'm my own master.
Zuu rindolf, that's too evil! :<
rindolf bizarrefish: but I have some collaborators.
rindolf Zuu, bizarrefish : we use EvilReinder-driven-EvilConspiracy
rindolf Zuu: it's the ultimate EvilParadigm
Zuu rindolf, i bet there's someone who just injects these thoughts into your head when christmas is over, and just before christmas starts, they inject rudolph thoughts into your head :>
rindolf Zuu: my plan for this year is to cancel Christmas altogether.
rindolf and replace it with EvilChristmas
Zuu rindolf, If i dont get presents, i know who's fault it is now :P
rindolf Zuu: you'll get EvilPresents this time. ;-)
Brando753 rindolf: D: but I liked non-evil christmas, non-evil Santa Claus was always so nice and jolly
Brando753 And getting presents which dont try and do evil unspeakable things to you is nice as well
* rindolf uses his magical EvilAntlers to convert Brando753 into EvilBrando753 so he'll like EvilChristmas
Brando753 No...Must...Resist
* Brando753 is now known as EvilBrando753
EvilBrando753 damn
EvilBrando753 :I
rindolf Brando753: resistance is futile
DrBenway all your base are belong to us
rindolf EvilBrando753: heh, welcome to the EvilReindeer Evil World Domination Evil Conspiracy!
rindolf EvilBrando753: you're one of us now.
* vassagus (~vassagus@ has joined
bizarrefish :/
EvilBrando753 one of us, one of us, gooble gobble gooble gobble
parathon_ Hello
ibouvousaime hello parathon_
ibouvousaime this room has 722 people, yet so few are active
ibouvousaime bizarrefish: isnt it ohms ?
rindolf ibouvousaime: that's the nature of IRC.
EvilBrando753 ibouvousaime: man could you imagine if they were all active now?
EvilBrando753 ibouvousaime: no one would be able to converse
EvilBrando753 ibouvousaime: the buffers would move so fast
rindolf EvilBrando753: heh.
ibouvousaime yeah true haha EvilBrando753
EvilBrando753 you think I am joking, but it would be horrible, IRC was never designed for such high volume
ibouvousaime Im trying to imagine it in my mind atm hahaha
ibouvousaime it would be like a terminal you use to play vlc videos
pyon ibouvousaime: 1 Ohm = 1 Volt / 1 Ampère
ibouvousaime pyon: ohh
rindolf EvilBrando753: sup?
EvilBrando753 rindolf: reading up on old censorship laws here in the US
EvilBrando753 rindolf: good old wikipedia
EvilBrando753 never realized there used to be a supreme court ruiling stating free speech did not extend to films
EvilBrando753 rindolf: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutual_Film_Corp._v._Industrial_Commission_of_Ohio
EvilBrando753 it was a 9-0 ruling as well
EvilBrando753 which is insane to think about
rindolf EvilBrando753: ah, I see.
rindolf EvilBrando753: wikipedia may be good, but it's not too old.
EvilBrando753 I just want a printed copy of wikipedia for the sake of having one
EvilBrando753 I hate trees with a passion
EvilBrando753 :P
rindolf EvilBrando753: will this printed copy be a wiki as well?
EvilBrando753 well it will have to update everytime wikipidia does https://what-if.xkcd.com/59/
pyon why do people call electric potential “voltage”? it's as if they called time “secondage” or distance “metrage”
pyon errr
pyon nvm
pyon i meant “electric potential”
pyon difference*
jrslepak pyon: FWIW, "amperage" is sometimes used too
jrslepak pyon: I don't think I've ever heard "teslage" or "henryage" though :-P
ivegotasthma ownage
MisterSyntax c
MisterSyntax oops
MisterSyntax i wanted to press ctrl+A,+C xD
MisterSyntax have fear for I is here!
MisterSyntax there we go
MisterSyntax (haha)
rindolf MisterSyntax: you iz here?
MisterSyntax yez
rindolf MisterSyntax: are you here to ruin the day?
MisterSyntax yez
rindolf MisterSyntax: awesome.
MisterSyntax i brought demons and angry spirits with me
rindolf MisterSyntax: you sound Evil and I like Evil.
MisterSyntax rindolf, want some? :D
nitrix That's unfortunate. We needed more trolls, not demons.
* MisterSyntax points at demon nr 3 and angry spirits 1 through 10
MisterSyntax you can have those
rindolf MisterSyntax: thanks!
MisterSyntax rindolf, you’re welcome, and remember, create havoc and despair whereever you go!
rindolf MisterSyntax: thanks!
* MisterSyntax laughs evil-ish from his dungeon tower
rindolf MisterSyntax: isn't a dungeon supposed to be underground?
MisterSyntax yeah but it's a tower.. in a dungeon
nitrix I put on my robe and wizard hat...
MisterSyntax so imagine a great cave
MisterSyntax with numberous caves joined to it
MisterSyntax and in that great cave theres a tower
MisterSyntax and at the top of that tower is my room with a nice window overviewing the magmaflow of the earth.
MisterSyntax ;-)
rindolf MisterSyntax: I wonder how you get an Internet connection there.
MisterSyntax easy, wifi.
MisterSyntax hahahahahah
rindolf MisterSyntax: heh.
MisterSyntax no i'm tapping internet from an industrial fibercable
MisterSyntax they don't suspect a thing , the muggelz
MisterSyntax cooling the hardware has been more of a problem tho
MisterSyntax xD
rindolf MisterSyntax: first world problems ;-)
rindolf under world problems
MisterSyntax rindolf, indeed haha
MisterSyntax yeah it's a real 'hell'
MisterSyntax i even have a muggle-zoo
MisterSyntax great fun for the children
MisterSyntax they can interact with primates
MisterSyntax my cat just jumped on my lap and i felt like a true evil genius
MisterSyntax http://prettycleverfilms.com/files/2013/05/4_blofelds_cat_many.jpg
rindolf MisterSyntax: heh.
rindolf MisterSyntax: I'm reminded of the film Bolt.
MisterSyntax haha rindolf
rindolf MisterSyntax: did you watch it?
MisterSyntax yes
rindolf MisterSyntax: nice.
MisterSyntax rindolf, i had to, my sisters' kids wanted to watch it whilst i was supervising
MisterSyntax and i like to act like a child when watching movies or playing with toys so it was quite fun xD
MisterSyntax even built them a mayan pyramid afterwards made out of duplo lol
MisterSyntax well mayan
MisterSyntax http://www.crystalinks.com/pyramidelcastillo.jpg << that kind
MisterSyntax no clue if its mayan
rindolf MisterSyntax: nice.
MisterSyntax they were amazed and kept it for months, even built a whole city around it themselves
rindolf MisterSyntax: I think it is.
MisterSyntax yeah rindolf i think as well but ain't sure xD
rindolf MisterSyntax: the Mayan Pyramids look nicer than the egyptian ones IMO.
MisterSyntax rindolf, agreed.
MisterSyntax here have another demon..
* MisterSyntax points at demon nr.4
* rindolf pets demon No. 4
MisterSyntax beware though, no. 4 has a tendency to bite
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