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ZERO nirvana

narupo hello
rindolf narupo: hi
rindolf narupo: how are you?
narupo rindolf: hi rindolf. I'm fine :)
rindolf narupo: nice
narupo rindolf: sup?
rindolf narupo: i'm fine - trying to be productive
rindolf narupo: i reached inbox ZERO nirvana
narupo rindolf: hm
narupo rindolf: inbox is mail box?
rindolf narupo: the email
Xatenev rindolf, wait, you cna be productive while being in irc?
narupo rindolf: thanks.
narupo rindolf: what is "ZERO nirvana"?
wXeno rindolf: inbox zero?! wtf?
rindolf narupo: an empty inbox
rindolf narupo: and nirvana means a state of bliss
FManTropyx ah, I thought it was the penultimate opposite of nirvana
FManTropyx ie. zero nirvana
narupo rindolf: ah, thanks. nirvana :)
FManTropyx incidentally, my music collection is also ZERO nirvana
rindolf narupo: see
rindolf wXeno: the fuck!
narupo my bank account is ZERO nirvana ;)
rindolf FManTropyx: ah
rindolf narupo: heh
rindolf FManTropyx: inbox zero's nirvana
wXeno rindolf: on one of mine I got 5.5gb of mails (maybe 10k in my inbox for the last year) - for the other one I don't know, but 2-3000 unread
rindolf the nirvana of inbox zero
rindolf wXeno: ouch
rindolf wXeno: i once saw a screenshot of a account with 130K unread messages in the inbox
rindolf wXeno: anyway, i hate clutter
wXeno if you don't tend to it, then that goes fast
wXeno rindolf: me too, but it's hard to avoid when I can get some hundreds of mails with actual content in an average/slightly busy day
wXeno rindolf: and enough of references and long running topics that I can't delete old mails without losing relevant info
rindolf wXeno: i move away emails to other folders
wXeno rindolf: me too
wXeno rindolf: and I delete what I can
rindolf wXeno: ah
rindolf wXeno: now i have an empty inbox in my gmail account too
wXeno rindolf: damn, how? you delete everything?
Xatenev I get like 4 emails per day.
Xatenev Heh
exio4 I get about 4 emails I actually read a day too, and another 40-60 with content I might or might not care about :P
rindolf wXeno: no
wXeno rindolf: you made a mail address which violates the SMTP protocol?
rindolf wXeno: no
wXeno rindolf: you made it 17 seconds ago, and miraculously google failed at sending the welcome mails?
wXeno rindolf: ah you moved them to another folder
wXeno all mails from *@* -> inbox2 doesn't count :)
rindolf wXeno: in this case i deleted them
rindolf wXeno: but i dont delete all emails
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