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rindolf’s bad C code

rindolf In fc-solve's C source code I have 2,738 "const"s vs. 1,521 "if"s
rindolf and I have 1,344 "int"s
imode that's 5,376 bytes!
Felishia rindolf, D:
Felishia how can you have 0,738 of a constant?
rindolf Felishia: 2,738 consts
rindolf Felishia: over 2 thousand
rindolf Felishia: it's not a decimal dot
Felishia but you put a comma there
Felishia it's a decimal comma
rindolf Felishia: yes, for the thousands
Felishia no for the thousands it's a dot
rindolf Felishia: no, not in English.
rindolf or in Hebrew
Felishia D: wat
schally I have 0.738 of a const
schally because it only appears with certain typedefs
rindolf shakalaka: good for you!
schally or #defines rather
rindolf schally: can I borrow 0.002 of a const?
schally rindolf: go ahead
rindolf schally: thanks!
rindolf Hmmm... I gave 1,156 "endif"s - lots of preprocessor stuff. :-(
rindolf and I have 1,102 "instance"s
Felishia rindolf, what a bad code! ewwww!
Felishia such a bad C grammar
rindolf I have 864 "void"s
rindolf Felishia: only 1,145 "endif"s now after I extracted a macro
rindolf 1,140 "endif"s now
rindolf Felishia: 1,128 "endif"s now!
Felishia rindolf, you gotta bring it down to 2 D:
rindolf Felishia: heh.
Felishia if windows... if unix...
rindolf Felishia: I have #ifdef _cplusplus extern "C" { #endif on every header
rindolf 45 files changed, 1904 insertions(+), 2306 deletions(-)
rindolf ====> what a day
Felishia rindolf, what you only commit once a day
rindolf Felishia: no.
rindolf Felishia: this is git diff --stat
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