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Biological Garbage Collection

jkbbwr Im aiming to implement a chunk of a runtime and maybe a garbage collector and then finish the emitter to spit out QBE
FManTropyx my apartment badly needs garbage collection (hi, btw)
liste FManTropyx: no-op garbage collector's an option :)
adsc you could add some rats, they take care of the organic garbage
adsc or rather, they compound multiple types of organic garbage into a single type
workmad3 adsc: and then add some cats to convert the rat problem into an extra type?
adsc which rat problem?
workmad3 adsc: the rat problem caused by introducing rats to solve your garbage problem :P
adsc rats are a problem?
adsc hmmm
adsc yes, it seems one cat per 5 rats should solve any "rat problems"
wedr So, you're saying for those who live near a farm, they need to get 65 cats?
adsc yes
adsc although I guess it doesn't scale up linearly
rindolf heh
adsc each additional cat probably raises the number of total rats that can be dealt with
adsc so two cats might be able to deal with more than 10 rats
rindolf poor rats
adsc also you should make sure the cats are neutered, or you will soon have to introduce dogs to solve a cat problem
wedr Fibonacci Sequence for cats -> rats problem.
wedr 5 cats -> 60+ rats killed.
wedr Wait, I'm wrong, get 15 cats.
adsc but it seems he has to deal with over 300 rats
wedr 65 cats it is.
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