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AbleBacon mpDrive->getLoc().list[i]->stats.getVal()->val; sometimes i wish object oriented programming was never invented
GeDaMo Only sometimes? :P
rindolf AbleBacon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Demeter
AbleBacon oh my god this law of demeter is exactly the opposite of what we're doing
patientplatypus does anyone know how to programmatically create a subtable in postgres?
rindolf patientplatypus: not off hand
rindolf patientplatypus: is there an sql syntax for that?
rindolf AbleBacon: heh
GeDaMo Would a subtable be like a view?
patientplatypus errr....
patientplatypus i want to basically make a tree of tables
patientplatypus like a json object
rindolf patientplatypus: sound like it would stand against the normalisation rules
AbleBacon what urge would possess you to make something as evil as a tree of tables?
AbleBacon i understand the desire to do something to see if it can be done, but us mortals should not meddle in the workings of sorcery
patientplatypus im making dnd in sql
GeDaMo You might want to look up Common Table Expressions
rindolf patientplatypus: the game?
patientplatypus yeah
rindolf patientplatypus: ah
patientplatypus its a challenging problem
AbleBacon LOL i'm picturing players taking their turns by submitting database queries with their requests
patientplatypus but it would be useful to be able to use a tree structure
patientplatypus im just making the game sheet
GeDaMo There's at least one game like that
patientplatypus if i get that working that would be a hat trick
rindolf patientplatypus: you can encode trees using a table or two
patientplatypus hmmm
GeDaMo AbleBacon: https://schemaverse.com/
AbleBacon i always feel like SQL people are screaming
patientplatypus AHHHHH
AbleBacon "Compete against other players using raw SQL commands to command your fleet." picard never had to do this
rindolf patientplatypus: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=sql+tree&ia=qa
AbleBacon "CAPTAIN, we've lost control of our primary command instruments! all commands to the ship will have to be issued via MICROSOFT sql queries"
AbleBacon "... number one, give the order to abandon ship."
rindolf AbleBacon: heh
patientplatypus i may just use lots of tables without the tree - looks overly complicated
rindolf patientplatypus: what?
GeDaMo Why do you need trees of tables?
patientplatypus oh well....i was thinking trees but it just looks like this would be sort of sucky
Myrl-saki AbleBacon: I'd be screaming too if I had to write SQL for a living.
rindolf patientplatypus: every purpose should have a single table
AbleBacon "you adopted capslock for internet arguments... i was born with capslock"
GeDaMo I remember computers before lowercase was invented :P
CashDash123 How is a game like flappy bird ported to so many systems?
CashDash123 I mean what makes it so easy to port?
CashDash123 I mean it's been ported to the snes,gba,etc
AbleBacon "captain, our systems are down! we can only match enemy ships for targeting using regex!" "... number one, issue the command ".*"" "but sir there are civi-" "i give up"
jrslepak CashDash123: how complex is the game itself?
CashDash123 no very jrslepak but how was the source code obtained or was it reverse engineered?
AbleBacon CashDash123, the logic behind the game is very simple. if it was written in, say, C++ there's probably a C++ compiler for all of those systems. the only thing that would change really is how to display the graphics
AbleBacon ah--birds were the key to the game's breakthrough into success i see
AbleBacon unless the birds are just a RED HERRING!
AbleBacon wait--is a herring a fish?
AbleBacon or a bird?
wedr_ Yeah, the Inverse Laws of Game Design, the shorter the jump distance, the more popular it gets via word of mouth
CashDash123 AbleBacon, the addiction of beating a highscore lead to its popularity
wedr_ herring is a fish yes
wedr_ a type of tuna
rindolf AbleBacon: heh
wedr_ salmon, not tuna
AbleBacon then we need to invent "flappy herring"
AbleBacon avoid sharks and other sea creatures idk
wedr_ For a warning, I think it's called red harring.
wedr_ Or haerring
AbleBacon no, "red flag" is a warning. "red herring" is something that distracts you from the real thing
AbleBacon shoot i don't know anymore
wedr_ red herring is a fish.
wedr_ :/
wedr_ red Sirens, maybe?
jrslepak it's also an idiom whose meaning is as AbleBacon described
wedr_ In Norse mythology, Sirens are blue.
wedr_ Or was it Greek?
wedr_ So red Sirens is like the shiny Pokemon that distracts you in real life.
AbleBacon all those poor kids getting hit by cars looking at their phones hunting for pokemon
wedr_ True, Pokemon Go caused kids to get hit more often
jrslepak the best solution is to play it on the bus :-P
AbleBacon you don't want to go on the bus in america
AbleBacon it is not a nice place
jrslepak I was just there a few hours ago
GeDaMo Does America only have one bus? :|
jrslepak haha
jrslepak it seems that way some evenings
CashDash123 Leads me to question of how were games ported back in the day when you would have to downgrade a game to run on a system?
GeDaMo A lot of hard work
CashDash123 kinda like how lets say you have developed a dreamcast game while also having a linux and windows port
CashDash123 how does that work or even in reverse
GeDaMo The game engine may have to be partly rewritten but the content (graphics etc.) should be reusable
CashDash123 I mean I was thinking in a similar vain to Elysian Shadows which I'm pretty sure was designed around the dreamcast
CashDash123 Which was tweaked most likey
CashDash123 that or I may also get an Idea by reading quora
GeDaMo Hmmm ... there's a #dreamcastdev channel
horny-sama GeDaMo: I thought dreamcast was stuff before I was born. Surprised that people still dev for it
GeDaMo There's a also an #elysian_shadows channel but only one person in it
GeDaMo People still develop for a lot of old systems
CashDash123 It's been chronicled on youtube since they were in high school in 2007
CashDash123 horny-sama, The Dreamcast due to it's discontinuation date makes it more common to have a system without protection from playing burned cdr's though it's bad for the laser
AbleBacon "bad for the laser"--a likely story
patientplatypus ok
patientplatypus im confused
CashDash123 AbleBacon, well it was designed for GD-ROM
AbleBacon how could it damage the laser, though?
AbleBacon lasers don't have any moving parts!
patientplatypus so here's my question: if i have a table with a, b, c, d, e and I want each of those 5 letters to reference 5 different tables A, B, C, D, E how would I do this in postgresql? I can link tables by foreign/primary key but I cant see how they actually reference the value its linking to
patientplatypus so
GeDaMo Why do you have 5 different tables?
patientplatypus in dnd you have paladin, fighter, etc. I want each of those items to link to a table that contains their statistics. So one table with classnames, several linked tables with different statistics
grouse GeDaMo, gotta have redundant table in case bobby drops them ;)
GeDaMo Why can't this be in one table?
AbleBacon all classes have strength, intelligence, etc. you should have one table for shared characteristics of all classes
patientplatypus because each class is entirely different from another
AbleBacon oh i see what you're saying
patientplatypus well like wizard and fighter are so different that the tables need to be totally separate
patientplatypus the way sql seems to want to work is that it just replicates tables in a single customer/many purchases type pattern
patientplatypus does anyone have any suggestions? im totally lost and have been staring at this for a while
GeDaMo I'm having difficulty visualising your DB structure
patientplatypus so one table for classes (fighter, wizard, etc)
patientplatypus each class will have its one table - fighter table, wizard table, paladin table
patientplatypus with their own special statistics on each
GeDaMo What fields do these tables have?
patientplatypus each table will have entirely different fields (this is the problem- if they were similar it would not be an issue). so fighter has swords and fighting, and wizard would have spells etc
patientplatypus i need what is essentially some sort of tree/json like hiearchy but in sql
patientplatypus ltree seems very confusing
patientplatypus what do you mean beaky?
GeDaMo What do these tables represent? Are they like D&D character sheets?
horny-sama CashDash123: gd-rom?
GeDaMo Yeah, IRC will do that to you :|
CashDash123 horny-sama, It was Sega's specialized cd I think the reason the burned cd exploit had to do something with an exploit with the mil-cd format
CashDash123 though
horny-sama Is it safe to assume that gd-rom is out of production
CashDash123 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GD-ROM horny-sama
horny-sama CashDash123: did not say if it is out of production or not
CashDash123 I don't think anyone can press there games to GD-Rom anymore.
CashDash123 I don't acually even own a dreamcast I just learned abit about it
CashDash123 long ago
horny-sama good luck with whatever you are doing
horny-sama sounds cool
CashDash123 I figured it out hombre is pressed to mil-cd's
xeno why would anyone wanna press things onto GD-Ros anymore?
xeno or why am I asking?
CashDash123 don't qoute me on that
CashDash123 quote
horny-sama xeno: I think CashDash123 is doing some dreamcast dev
CashDash123 horny-sama, I'm not
horny-sama CashDash123: so just quest for knowledge?
xeno horny-sama: yeah, but why?
CashDash123 It would just be a good place to get an Idea of how a game is ported
xeno horny-sama: it's like the worst waste of time
horny-sama xeno: different people have different hobby
xeno yeah I know
AbleBacon oh no... we're resorting to "scrum" meetings every morning. things must be getting really desperate.
CashDash123 I mean how games are made for old consoles really is interesting
horny-sama AbleBacon: ?
AbleBacon at my work
AbleBacon and they pay me and all i have to do is not die
GeDaMo https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bd/Scrum-1.JPG
horny-sama AbleBacon: in other words, you are their basic bitch
CashDash123 horny-sama, You could say that,and I really wanted a dreamcast a long time ago
AbleBacon it's not a giant wrestling orgy; it's a management technique
GeDaMo Why not both? :D
horny-sama AbleBacon: just hope you made your fuck you money soon so you can quit
horny-sama lol
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Rounin Then you'll be truly efficient
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