“Demons upon thee, Apple marketing department!” - Fortune

“Demons upon thee, Apple marketing department!”

rindolf MisterSyntax: can you unleash some of your demons on Apple's marketing department?
MisterSyntax rindolf, sure no problem, what region?
rindolf MisterSyntax: Cupertino.
rindolf if that's how it's spelled.
* MisterSyntax sends over his "Elite Demons" legion towards Cupertino
rindolf I want a macSacare!
MisterSyntax they might take a while to arrive
MisterSyntax hahaha macsacare xD
rindolf MisterSyntax: :-)
MisterSyntax rindolf, but once they arive they will inhabit their electronics and falsify their databases
MisterSyntax also theres one demon among them that will try to wiki-leak things
rindolf MisterSyntax: heh, heh.
rindolf MisterSyntax: you have a good selection of demons.
MisterSyntax rindolf, thanks, i've trained them myself :) you wouldn't believe how stupid they used to be.. they'd just go around killing without a plan and end up getting killed by them hunters
rindolf MisterSyntax: sounds like you're a good teacher to these demons.
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