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rindolf ljuwaidah: so aren't there more people who use FOSS in Oman?
ljuwaidah there are, but they're only a few
rindolf ljuwaidah: ah.
rindolf Oman has .om as its TLD.
rindolf .om .nom .nom
rindolf p.om p.om
rindolf kabo.om
rindolf DJB got the cr.yp.to domain.
rindolf And there's also ali.as which is Adam Kennedy's.
ljuwaidah looool
ljuwaidah rand.om :P
ljuwaidah do.om :P
ljuwaidah ro.om
ljuwaidah m.om
Black_Phoenix your.m.om
ljuwaidah hahahaha
ljuwaidah is that supposed to be a milf site? :P
rindolf yahoo.c.om
ljuwaidah bro.om
rindolf http://yourmom.com/
rindolf Though it's down now.
ljuwaidah don't keep your hopes up on .om domains
ljuwaidah our ISP is a greedy money sucker
rindolf "I'd rather be a .com than a .om"
ljuwaidah rindolf: me too
rindolf ljuwaidah: this was a joke.
rindolf I have a few .org domains.
rindolf From GoDaddy
ljuwaidah unless you need it for a domain trick
* Black_Phoenix <--- .com bastard here
ljuwaidah rindolf: where's the joke?
rindolf ljuwaidah: joke?
rindolf ljuwaidah: it rhymes.
rindolf dot-com, dot-om - get it? get it? get it?
rindolf ;-)
ljuwaidah no :(
rindolf ljuwaidah: om rhymes with com.
ljuwaidah so?
rindolf ljuwaidah: "I'd rather be a dot-com than a dot-om"
rindolf ljuwaidah: it's just a silly rhyme.
Black_Phoenix I'd rather a website
rindolf Black_Phoenix: I accidentally a web-site.
ljuwaidah I still don't get the joke
Black_Phoenix rindolf, I'd still rather a blog
rindolf Black_Phoenix: rather what a blog?
Black_Phoenix Website a blog
rindolf ljuwaidah: never mind.
ljuwaidah sorry, I don't know why I'm slow today
rindolf Black_Phoenix: do you mean that you would rather *be* a web-site?
Black_Phoenix I'd rather website a blog
Black_Phoenix broken grammar time :D
ljuwaidah Black_Phoenix: when did website become a verb?
Black_Phoenix it didn't
Black_Phoenix I'm using it as a verb to produce nonsense
ljuwaidah I sense light!
ljuwaidah {I see}
rindolf ljuwaidah: http://www.google.com.om/
ljuwaidah rindolf: I know
rindolf If Google can do it - so can you.
ljuwaidah I don't use it
ljuwaidah 'cause some services don't work on it
rindolf ljuwaidah: ah.
rindolf ljuwaidah: in any case, seems like one can register a .com.om domain.
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