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Dramatic Skills

vendu what's up guys?
rindolf vendu: I handled the morning's E-mails.
vendu rindolf, cool :)
adsc rindolf: you must work on your dramatic skills
rindolf adsc: my dramatic skills?
adsc "I wade through the flood of the morning's electronic mail messages" sounds much better than "I handled the morning's emails"
adsc well, it would if it had correct grammar
rindolf vendu: I've been working on the Kakuro Project Euler problem.
rindolf adsc: heh, heh.
adsc rindolf has been chipping away at the Project Euler's Kakuro complex
rindolf adsc: will you be my ghost author? ;-)
adsc rindolf: sure, but it might involve your character having romantic encounters with stoic goats
adsc rindolf lost himself in the endless depth of the black goat's rectangular pupil, his self utterly annihilated by the vast void hiding behind the tiny window; a passage into a realm he thought lost forever
rindolf Yay! Inbox Zero! Or as adsc would put it "I stare into the empty abyss of my inbox signifying my victory. "I have battled against entropy and came out victorious" I tell myself."
adsc rindolf: that's it!
adsc rindolf: your life becomes 100% more epic if you just want to
rindolf Now to train spamassassin.
Channel ##programming
Network Freenode
Tagline 100% more epic; 100% more awesome