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Imaginary Mohawk

rindolf xoryo: hi
rindolf xoryo: i got a hair cut
adsc rindolf: you cut off your dreadlocks?
rindolf adsc: i didnt have ones
adsc what? you cut off your imaginary dreadlocks? I hope you didn't have to pay for that
rindolf adsc: heh
adsc I'll never cut off my imaginary mohawk
* rindolf cuts off adsc 's imaginary mohawk
* rindolf is an imaginary bastard
* adsc accuses rindolf of imaginary cruelty and files a case at the international court of human rights in The Hague
rindolf adsc: the imaginary one?
adsc no, your crime is real
SlashLife^work *imaginary court of human rights in The Utopia
rindolf adsc: imaginary real?
adsc yeah, it's complex
rindolf adsc: nice
rindolf better than imaginary integer
adsc the subject of the crime is imaginary, but the crime itself is real
* rindolf flees to an imaginary haven
* adsc plots rindolf on the gaussian plane
adsc there you are
* rindolf conspires against the plot
exio4 liste: finnish people are over-represented on IRC
vendu rts-sander, let me find the rules for everyone
xqb Finnish people invented IRC :P
exio4 maybe some irc channel is selling alcohol???
exio4 xqb: i know :p
liste though most finns hang out in IRCnet
adsc vendu: I've wanted to make a console based cracking game in forever, but I'm always too lazy
FMan Finns invented getting drunk
rindolf FMan: they did not
rindolf FMan: the jewish bible describes noah getting drunk
exio4 rindolf: it's a joke, finns are known to get extremely drunk
rindolf exio4: yes
SlashLife^work rindolf: Now you know why he got stuck on a mountain.
xqb people were getting drunk and high way before any bible
exio4 that, too
rindolf xqb: true
SlashLife^work rindolf: That's how people got from paradise to Finland. :D
wedr_ Finland is the End of Land. :/
rindolf SlashLife^work: :)
exio4 it's the north pole, they're santa's buddies
rindolf there is nor way out of there
wedr_ Oh, how Sweden of you. :/
rindolf wedr_: :)
SlashLife^work Nah, that's not sweed en actually even quite mean. :(
xqb sweeden weeden
FMan this is paradise:
vendu adsc, console mastermind would be quick
vendu to program
xqb FMan: what, sunbathing?
xqb yeah
liste code 8 hours, relax 8 hours (including working out etc), sleep 8 hours
wedr_ liste: No time to eat. :(
liste maybe it's contained in relaxing
snake2k liste++
liste and partly coding :)
snake2k Eating is for humans, we're all perl scripts here.
weeirc8089 snake2k++
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rindolf snake2k: heh
snake2k I have a feeling rindolf has the freenode FAQ links on a open text file all the time lmao
wedr_ So... relax is actually just sleep + bath/shower + play + walk dog + caring baby + make breakfast/lunch/dinner + pay bills + do tax returns + get mad and argue with wife + cry?
snake2k weeirc8089, >_<
xqb snake2k, me too
merijn wedr_: Cuddle cat!
snake2k wedr_, oh yes! the emotional drama is my favorite! :P
rindolf snake2k: i am a superintelligent nand gate
wedr_ Ah, a typical human day
snake2k rindolf, self aware nand gates?! >_>
snake2k we're doomed!
sd5869 rindolf: nandgate :P
rindolf exec_: what does gcc -E say?
Sornaensis it says you’re a HERETIC
aawe what does `rm -rf ./*; rustup install nightly; cargo init .` say?
rindolf aawe: how about no?
snake2k lol
aawe RIR
rindolf aawe: what does `sudo rm -fr /* # Sayonara, asshole!` say?
aawe you forgot --no-preserve-root
rindolf aawe: note that it may take a while to run.
rindolf aawe: w /*?
aawe it would probably be faster if rm was written in rust
rindolf aawe: then: 1. Rewrite rm in rust. 2. Benchmark both versions
rindolf on /* of course
Nowyouseeme What's the motivation to come to a IRC like this?
adsc to chat with other fellow programmers
rindolf Nowyouseeme: to get help?
rindolf Nowyouseeme: to help others?
rindolf Nowyouseeme: to debate?
adsc no help, only panda memes pls
Nowyouseeme To help others!
rindolf adsc: can you help me find panda memes?
Nowyouseeme only very nice people would think that
aawe I want memes too
hexingbao Nowyouseeme to see different culture
snake2k birkoff, a simple linear search algorithm if you're not gonna sort it
vesc Birkoff: If you are sorthing you can do it quicker than N.
snake2k birkoff, you'd be better off implemented a fast sorting algorithm and picking the first (or last) value off the array.
birkoff vesc interesting. how ? im not sorting though.
day snake2k: sorting is faster than N?
vesc I agree with snake2k
snake2k day, if it's a massive array, then yes
day but how can you sort without having to look at each element?
rts-sander wtf kind of shit advice is that
snake2k day, the time complexity of checking each N to the next can scale larger depending on array size. But a highly optimized sort can cut the time down.
rts-sander sort the entire array just to get one value?
day snake2k: but then it wouldnt be O(n) anymore would it?
snake2k I'm not saying to use a basic sorting algorithm because that's pointless lmao
vesc rts-sander: what would you do?
snake2k you'd be better off with just a linear search
rts-sander vesc, loop through and remember the highest encountered number
day yeah
rindolf snake2k: sort cannot be better than o(n)
rindolf snake2k: see
rts-sander unless the array is already sorted, then it's O(1) :)
vesc rts-sander: the best you could get is O(n) I know a sort cand be done better than that.
vesc can*
rindolf snake2k: and it is O(N*log(N)) worst case
rts-sander vesc, how can sorting an entire array possibly be faster than finding the largest value?
rindolf rts-sander: you need to know that is the case
vesc because you need to know what the largest value is
snake2k rindolf, I see
snake2k Let's go ape shit and do parallel processing on 4 threads 4 O(N/4)s
snake2k lmao
rindolf flipchan: hi
flipchan hey rindolf
flipchan whats up
rindolf flipchan: i got a haircut today
rindolf flipchan: and looked into contributing to tslint, but they have 65 open pull reqs
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snake2k closed out ##programming by mistake >_>
flipchan rindolf: cant choice one?
rindolf flipchan: what?
flipchan oh i read wrong thought u wrote 65 open issues
rindolf flipchan: ah
rts-sander how you're going to contribute?
rts-sander by adding some more pull requests? :D
rindolf rts-sander: heh
rindolf rts-sander:
rindolf well, not quite the same
rindolf snake2k: admit it - you did it on purpose. :-P
rindolf snake2k: :)
snake2k rindolf, lmao no I pressed ^W to close a firefox tab but I had my IRC client selected :P
rindolf snake2k: ah, it happens to me too
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