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rindolf Apparently, Apple has decided to rename Mac OS X/OS X into "macOS".
rindolf Marketing people are crazy.
pyon ikr
exio4 I wanna study marketing
ConceptThoughts ?
exio4 random comments
ConceptThoughts a good programmer should care less about marketing.. hire a rep
exio4 I am no programmer
ConceptThoughts your no?
ConceptThoughts what are you doing in here then
exio4 programming for money is so boring
exio4 ConceptThoughts: it is a nice chat
ConceptThoughts ;o;
ConceptThoughts lol
exio4 first two words in the topic, Community Chat
ConceptThoughts yes but that follow Proggramming implying its a programming community chat
exio4 it is a / not and and
exio4 an and*
ConceptThoughts whats that mean
pyon rindolf: i have no idea how marketing people think... what exactly is going on in their heads when they determine that renaming os x to macOS might increase sales or whatever apple is trying to achieve
pyon rindolf: perhaps it's for consistency with iOS?
exio4 nvm
exio4 pyon: I think they want to add curiosity
exio4 "what changed?"
exio4 exploit I mean
pyon exio4: no it can't be just that
exio4 I am quite tired :(
rindolf pyon: see
pyon rindolf: checking
pyon ah so it was as i was thinking
pyon ok that makes sense
rindolf exio4: I feel that there's good marketing and there's bad marketing.
rindolf exio4: what is what is a matter of a lot of disagreement.
pyon exio4: nobody would be crazy enough to change the name of a core product just to make people wonder what happened
rindolf pyon: I hope that Apple's marketing department will die in a macFlame™!
rindolf ;-)
pyon rindolf: lol
pyon rindolf: why does it particularly annoy you that apple renamed their product? :-O
pyon s/product/desktop os/
rindolf pyon: well, I've seen many people misspell "Mac OS X" as "MacOSX" / "macOSX" / "macosx" / "macosX" / etc. and been trying to get them to use the correct spelling and capitalisation and now it's different and lamer.
SlashLife Isn't it called iOS now?
pyon rindolf: lol
SlashLife Or is that only for mobile devices?
pyon rindolf: i don't think it's terribly important if people spell it correctly
bacon1989 no, that's iMobile, they renamed that yesterday in the conf
SlashLife Seriously?
pyon rindolf: it's not a real english word, it's just a product name - the only ones who should be worried about properly spelling its name are apple themselves
rindolf SlashLife: iOS is different than Mac OS X.
rindolf pyon: I've invented a pun on Mac OS X - "Mac O'Sucks"
rindolf it's not too funny though.
pyon rindolf: lol
pyon rindolf: i always thought “x” was meant to be pronounced “ten”
rindolf pyon: maybe, but no one pronounces it that way.
rindolf pyon: again - people have crazy marketing ideas.
rindolf s/crazy/unrealistic/
pyon rindolf: heh
rindolf oh well, I'm off to sleep.
pyon rindolf: gn
rindolf pyon: heh, thanks
rindolf bye all
rindolf Good macNight!
pyon lol
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