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Microsoft Software and Speed

vdamewood This install for visual studio is taking forever.
rindolf vdamewood: lies! It takes at least forever and two weeks.
rindolf vdamewood: it will end a short time before the heat death of the universe.
rindolf vdamewood: one thing I learned is not to expect Microsoft to make fast software. They tend to take more than Intel gives.
ibouvousaime_ lol
amigojapan yeah, i agree with rindolf , although last time I used VS it was resonably fast
ibouvousaime_ how is vs compared to linux ides btw, I never used vs since I moved to linux a while ago and didnt turn back
Yaiyan It's not quite vim
rindolf amigojapan: Windows Update on Windows 7 is horribly slow and unresponsive. I gave up on updating my windows 7 partition on my laptop.
vdamewood ibouvousaime_: Visual studio is great if you're working with .NET.
rindolf amigojapan: I was told it's better on windows 10.
amigojapan vdamewood: I see
rindolf ibouvousaime_: the Microsoft CL.EXE is crappy and non-standard-compliant.
rindolf ibouvousaime_: the Microsoft CL.EXE compiler is crappy and non-standard-compliant.
amigojapan rindolf: I often hear the "it is better in [insert newest verion of windows here]" I have grown untrustworthy of this claim
rindolf amigojapan: heh, true.
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