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Nomable browsers

mentalita mozzilla no longer makes thunderbird?
mentalita mozilla
rindolf mozzarilla
occultus mozarella foxfire > goggle charm
xeno mentalita: I'm not sure, I haven't really cared about thunderbird for probably a decade
mentalita what do you use xeno
mentalita outlook?
xeno at work outlook, at home gmail
xeno and yeah, I know that means google has all my mail
xeno but at least it means *someone* has my mail, asopposed to the mail I had before I started to use gmail, which is lost forever
snake2k <occultus> mozarella foxfire > goggle charm ... no... micirosluft adge > life
occultus macrohard straightedge > netscoop
snake2k occultus, what about papple lafari?
occultus isn't pear souffle barely maintained now?
snake2k occultus, I think they gave up on it lol
snake2k Gotta admit though, I wish Microsoft was my dad so that it would continue supporting me for some god forsaken reason even though I'm a disappointment lmao
rindolf heh
snowmancantcode snake2k: i was of the opinion microsoft commonly killed of its "children" just as it got useful
snowmancantcode or common so maybe a bad father to have
snowmancantcode no support post 18 years end of life support :P
snake2k snowmancantcode, hahahaha lol "son, you're a grown man now. You must die."
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