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Putting the U in "FAQ"

rindolf airking_: hi, see https://github.com/shlomif/Freenode-programming-channel-FAQ/blob/master/FAQ.mdwn#i-tried-joining-a-different-channel-for-help-but-i-could-not---why
vdamewood I wish we called them Frequently Uttered Questions instead of Asked.
rindolf vdamewood: FUQ?
rindolf I don't give a FUQ
vdamewood rindolf: FUQ off.
rindolf vdamewood: :-)
vdamewood Frequent utterances concerning knowledge.
rindolf vdamewood: heh
vdamewood beaky: Read the FUQing manual?
wedr Frequently unwanted common knowledge.
Channel ##programming
Network Freenode