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One’s relationship with C

_ic2000 that feeling when someone tells me they found python too hard so they're going to learn C because it's "easy and not outdated"...
Brando753 _ic2000: its not outdated :P but yea that is a silly thing to say
_ic2000 Brando753, but they were implying that python was outdated lol
Brando753 _ic2000: yea thats pretty bad
Brando753 _ic2000: python is awesome
Brando753 I love C
Brando753 I really do but I would never program what I do in python in C
magneticduck are you sure you love C?
Brando753 magneticduck: its a love hate relationship :I
pulse i would like to see if i love C while i'm out at sea
Brando753 lol
magneticduck I think a relationship a developer might have with C is less love, more codependency
nso95_ he hits me because he loves me
Brando753 nso95_: exactly!
magneticduck he segfaults because he trusts me
gmurop So you don't love C, C loves you
pulse C lovers ~-> clovers
pulse it was meant to be
rindolf magneticduck: heh.
rindolf magneticduck: LOL.
Brando753 magneticduck: he works perfectly in the debugger then crashes normally because he loves you
Brando753 all that C love
Brando753 C would be miserable without valgrind
Brando753 and GDB
rindolf Brando753: heh.
magneticduck when he corrupts all over my memory, he's just venting his anger from work
magneticduck it's normal, all languages do that
rindolf magneticduck: heh.
nso95_ I fell down the stairs
Brando753 nso95_: did C push you?
rindolf nso95_: that sucks.
Brando753 nso95_: or are you being serious, in which case sorry :I
nso95_ nah, jk
Brando753 :D
rindolf nso95_: ah.
nso95_ I don’t have stairs
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