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You’ve got the touch

* bizarrefish was in malaysia last year :D
bizarrefish It's quite nice
bizarrefish Very friendly people
differentMonster bizarrefish : what about you ? well malaysia is hot as hell.
bizarrefish I am in the UK, which is not hot
bizarrefish Malaysia was for a work trip
bizarrefish Was pretty cool
bizarrefish I think it's cool how Malaysian children stared at me
bizarrefish (I'm 6'4 and white)
bizarrefish Chinese people stare as well. I like that they find me so interesting.
Yuken bizarrefish, if a Japanese guy passed through a rural African village where everyone is black and 6'+
Yuken he'd probably be stared at as well! :p
bizarrefish heh
differentMonster bizarrefish : XD we will find you interesting for sure ~
bizarrefish 6ft4in is quite tall, even in the UK. It's a shame nobody feels like they can stare
bizarrefish heh
differentMonster bizarrefish :cause you be different if you dont wear or sound like we do.
Yuken bizarrefish, what if they have a height fetish and start staring at you ominously?
Yuken :^)
bizarrefish When I go to very different countries, I just worry that I might accidentally be rude.
Myrl-saki bizarrefish: your rude
bizarrefish Yuken: Then let them stare :) I'm happy for them to. Just no touchy :D
bizarrefish Myrl-saki: I'm sorry ;.;
* Yuken slowly moves to the UK and stalks bizarrefish then.
bizarrefish Myrl-saki: You can touch me if that makes it okay again
Myrl-saki bizarrefish: your lewd
* rindolf touches bizarrefish
bizarrefish Ah
differentMonster bizaarrefish : like no touching , you break it you buy it XD
rindolf using the unix touch command
bizarrefish Why would you want to stalk a British person? We don't even have health insurance
bizarrefish touch rindolf
bizarrefish sudo touch rindolf
rindolf bizarrefish: touchée!
bizarrefish while true; do touch rindolf; done
rindolf bizarrefish: you are not in the sudoers list
Yuken This incident has been reported.
Myrl-saki lol
* bizarrefish removes HDD, plugs into other computer, chroot, touch rindolf
rindolf bizarrefish: heh, you're insistent
rindolf bizarrefish: what if the partitions are encrypted?
bizarrefish rindolf: I don't have to touch you in your home directory. I can touch you anywhere. In multiple places.
bizarrefish cd /tmp; touch rindolf
rindolf bizarrefish: that's the RealRindolf™!
rindolf bizarrefish: I only have one place in the file system.
rindolf OneTruePath™!
bizarrefish MakeTmpGreatAgain(TM)!
rindolf bizarrefish: nice
rindolf bizarrefish: heh
rindolf bizarrefish: tmp was never great!
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