Unforgivable - Fortune


ChrisWarrick ks
ChrisWarrick sorry, wrong tab
rindolf ChrisWarrick: I can never forgive you for using the wrong tab! ;-) J/K - everything's cool.
FMan however, there is a wrong tab tax payable to me
ChrisWarrick rindolf: (arguably, wrong machine/screen/app/everything, because that went to irssi on screen 1 instead of the windows vm on screen 2)
rindolf FMan: heh
rindolf ChrisWarrick: you will go to hell for using the wrong window!
rindolf ChrisWarrick: no redemption for you!
Zuu rindolf, you mean, no christmas presents?
rindolf Zuu: no Chanukkah coins either!
Zuu Ohnoes! :O
* rindolf is away
Zuu He's hiding all the Chanukkah coins, i just know it!
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