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nickname95 https://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/rockets/ , this website has a game, i would like to know how it was made, what technologies etc, its pretty old
nickname95 it says html5 and java applet
nickname95 so if its in html5/js does that mean that i can see the source code of the game ?
* rindolf upgrades nickname95 to nickname98
* VicMackey upgrades nickname98 to nicknameNT
rindolf VicMackey: heh
* vdamewood upgrades nickname98 to nickname98SE
VicMackey Shoot.
rindolf vdamewood: heh
vdamewood VicMackey: Back in the Windows 9x and NT4 days, Windows to Windows NT wasn't exactly a proper upgrade.
VicMackey Windows to Windows is usually never a proper upgrade
VicMackey I also have to say that I jumped from 98 to Xp
Batholith Yeah, you can't really upgrade from Windows. Windows to Linux/Mac would be a terrible downgrade.
vdamewood Well, versions of Windows NT prior to XP were missing some things that made Windows not-NT more usable at home, I think.
rindolf vdamewood: VicMackey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKy9fV_zX_o
VicMackey rindolf how embarassing
rindolf VicMackey: :-)
rindolf VicMackey: it was the start of a brave new era!
VicMackey That's when he decided he had to quit being the ceo of that company
VicMackey And retire
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