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Vintage HTML and sudo rights

vdamewood gurra: You just have to make sure that there isn't any sort of infinite recursion on the left-hand side of an expression.
vdamewood Damn.
ayush1 vdamewood: gurra has quit
vdamewood ayush1: <sarcasm>No kidding?</sarcasm>
ayush1 <reality>nature of kidding</reality>
Trashlord <this stuff>doesn't make you funny</thisstuff>
* PlanckWalk <blink>blinks</blink>
Rounin <span style="color:red;font-weight:bold">LOLOLOLOLOL</span>
* ayush1 <thinks>wtf</thinks>
vdamewood ayush1: You forgot the acronym tag.
nitrix <marquee>Trololololol</marquee>
vdamewood <blink><marquee>This is my new web page in 1996!</blink></marquee>
Rounin <img src="under_construction.jpg"><h1>Be sure to bookmark this page!</h1><Html/>
rindolf Rounin: heh, heh
Rounin :D
nitrix There has be [ 0 0 0 0 0 2 5 ] visitor on this page.
nitrix *been
snyp {opinion: "hate markup"}
* TheMadcapper has quit (Quit: TheMadcapper)
vdamewood nitrix: No. has be is correct. ;)
ayush1 vdamewood: no "have been" is correct
nitrix vdamewood: You deserve a spanking.
vdamewood ayush1: Thank you Captain Oblivious.
ayush1 vdamewood: your welcome
ayush1 thas are Englais
nitrix One shall respect thy language.
* vdamewood is not the one.
ayush1 nitrix: supeir sitpusting
nitrix That leaves only zero then, in our binary world :(
vdamewood There are 10 kinds of people in the world.
ayush1 Quit: This is the end. Goodbye cruel world!
vdamewood I just noticed that I have a lot of code that's commented out in my shold-be-ready-to-release library.
* ayush1 is pretty sure vdamewood doesn't have sudo rights
vdamewood ayush1: sudo make me a sandwich
vdamewood s/shold/should/
ayush1 vdamewood: sudo !!
ayush1 vdamewood: did it make you a sandwhich right now?
vdamewood No. I'm still not a sandwich.
rindolf vdamewood: heh.
ayush1 vdamewood: sudo !!; sudo !!; sudo !!; sudo !!; now you should have 4 sandwhich's on your plate.
ayush1 vdamewood: including you
vdamewood Yay!
* vdamewood eats vdamewood
* ayush1 steals some of vdamewood's sandwhiches
* ayush1 4 to be exact
vdamewood I already ate one of them. So you can't steal it.
* rindolf poisons the sandwiches.
* vdamewood barfs on rindolf
ayush1 vdamewood: I can still eat 4 of them
vdamewood I want aleph-null sandwiches.
* ayush1 orders astatine and mixes it with vdamewood's sandwhiches
rindolf vdamewood: you should hope some of them are not poisoned.
ayush1 rindolf: I have added astatine -_-.
ayush1 rindolf: btw I am a zombie tintin now
* vdamewood reboots ayush1
* ayush1 is alive again
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