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Windows UpHate

rindolf ConceptThoughts: did you know that Microsoft is the organisation with the most open source pull-requests on GitHub? They appear to be taking open source seriously.
password2 rindolf, seriously?
velco password2,
rindolf password2: see
password2 wow
password2 soon geeks will need to find new reasons to hate MS
rindolf password2: well, it's possible other companies have more open source code, but MS Received the most pull-reqs.
password2 well just that they are showing up on the radar is already amazing
rindolf password2: heh, I'm trying not to expend too much energy hating companies.
password2 rindolf, if only more people were like you
rindolf password2: or people for that matter.
rindolf password2: heh.
password2 many many people simply use linux because they dislike microsoft
password2 And defining yourself by what you hate is a slippery slope
rindolf password2: well, I use Linux because I like it better, and feel more productive in it, and because Windows Update is hatefully (!) slow.
rindolf password2: see
password2 yeah , I've read that
password2 :D
password2 i just disable my windows update
rindolf password2: heh.
password2 solves 99% of my issues
rindolf password2: you got 1 problem but Windows Update ain't 99 of them.
njcomsec i hate windows update
password2 why?
njcomsec seems to break stuff
Rounin It's recently caused people to miss out on large parts of their exams
njcomsec at least on my computer
Rounin Since they were answering them on Windows computers
njcomsec but it might also be something to do with acer and mcaffee
Rounin That of course decided to reboot for 1,5 hours during the exams
njcomsec though teh windows update is definetly the catalyst
rindolf Rounin: "Windows Update ate my homework!"
Rounin rindolf: Brrr!
password2 Rounin, Well
password2 one would wonder why the poeple would set the settings on those pc to auto update
password2 i blame the people using it
Rounin password2: They wouldn't... Windows set those settings
password2 Rounin, you can change them
Rounin password2: That's not what we're discussing
njcomsec i believe windows updates are forced with win 10
password2 why not?
Rounin password2: If someone robs you, you can also choose to get shot if you so desire
Rounin That doesn't mean it's your choice to get robbed
njcomsec you can disable them but i think it can cause problems
password2 its seems like a cheap shot at windows
password2 yeah
Rounin No, it doesn't
Rounin It doesn't seem like that at all
password2 but no one was hurt
password2 and no one plans on benig robbed
Rounin No one plans on having their exam ruined by Windows Update either, as far as I know
password2 idk why you bothered with that comparison
rindolf For the life of me I cannot understand why Windows Update takes a while to do its thing *before* the system shutdown.
password2 rindolf idk
password2 btw Rounin if you want to blame default setting on windows , you aparently have very little experience with linux
password2 because thats like half the trouble with linuxx
Rounin password2: That's not true either... I don't apparently have very little experience with Linux
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