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Windows Update

rindolf Bleh! Windows Update is acting up again. I swear that it is the bottom of the bottomless abyss of suck.
Trashlord I know the pain
bahamut24 My windows firewall has been broken ever since I isntaled windows 7 :/
bahamut24 installed
rindolf Trashlord: let's inflict that pain on the Microsoft software devs that produced such crap!
Trashlord rindolf: yeah, we'll tie them to a chair for days upon days, and then say "See what it feels like to sit here waiting forever?"
rindolf Trashlord: heh, heh.
workmad3 bahamut24: there was a time when Windows Firewall wasn't broken?
bahamut24 Today was completely unproductive, no lines of code written.
Trashlord bahamut24: were you solving problems in your head, or thinking about design decisions, though?
bahamut24 No just watched pointless shit on youtube.
bahamut24 lmao
Trashlord ah
kadoban Was it good pointless shit?
bahamut24 kadoban let me check my watch history
kadoban If you don't remember what you watched, couldn't have been that good :-/
bahamut24 I see hitler parodies, best of news bloopers, "Bill O'reily gets owned by kid", "woman live in mans closet for a year" plus lots more
bahamut24 "the orlando massacre"
bahamut24 hahahah lots of stupid shit.
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