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misspwn_ errgnomeous, http://i.imgur.com/fBm7Dd1.jpg
rindolf Meow all good felines and canines and alpacas and ponies! What's new?
rindolf misspwn_: heh, nice captioned image.
misspwn_ rindolf, my kid was bitching that i made his sandwich "perfect"
misspwn_ had to make meme
rindolf misspwn_: ah, heh.
rindolf inspiration++
rindolf misspwn_: how old is your kid?
misspwn_ he got melted cheese on his face and was mad about it
misspwn_ rindolf, he's 5
rindolf misspwn_: was it hot?
rindolf misspwn_: ah, nice.
misspwn_ rindolf, nope
rindolf misspwn_: so he's a smart kid?
rindolf misspwn_: what's his name?
misspwn_ he's very bright
misspwn_ rindolf, oliver
rindolf misspwn_: that's good.
rindolf misspwn_: ah, nice name. Reminds me of Oliver Twist.
misspwn_ :D
rindolf misspwn_: why did you call him Oliver?
rindolf Does he likes olives? ;-)
misspwn_ hmmm, rindolf he was supposed to be a sophie. well i had it in my head he was going to be a girl. i cried when i found out he wasn't. and oliver just for some reason came to me in a dream
misspwn_ oliver lee, it suits him incredibly well
rindolf misspwn_: ah, I see.
rindolf misspwn_: the etymology of my name is more complex than this - http://www.shlomifish.org/meta/FAQ/#your_name
rbarrybot [ Shlomi Fish’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List ] - www.shlomifish.org
rindolf misspwn_: http://mail.pm.org/pipermail/toronto-pm/2013-February/003070.html - that's why they named their daughter Phoebe.
rbarrybot [ [tpm] Hello Perlers, The Phoebe has arrived ] - mail.pm.org
rindolf misspwn_: I tend to give my characters Hebrew or other more established common names in my stories.
rindolf http://www.shlomifish.org/me/rindolf/ - that's the etymology and philosophy behind my "rindolf" nickname.
rbarrybot [ About “Rindolf” - Shlomi Fish’s Nickname ] - www.shlomifish.org
rindolf misspwn_: does he have middle names?
misspwn_ thats neat
misspwn_ ah yes, lee is the middle name, i'm sorry
rindolf misspwn_: ah, I see.
rindolf Lee is a very common middle name.
misspwn_ it was my grandfathers middle name
rindolf "Lyn"/"Lynn" is also a very common middle name I noticed - typically for girls.
rindolf misspwn_: ah, OK.
rindolf misspwn_: do you have any other children?
misspwn_ rindolf, nope, i'd like to finish college first
misspwn_ sort of a late start in the college game
Oddity how late?
rindolf misspwn_: ah, I see. What do you study?
rindolf misspwn_: my friend had her firstborn when she was in college at 19 or so.
rindolf And she graduated from college and now has had two other children.
rindolf And a bit recently - her eldest son went to college and impregnated a girl and they live together and he continues to study while raising her grandchildren.
rindolf He's also very fond of Chuck Norris jokes.
misspwn_ Oddity, well i'm going to be 28 in september, i'm studying network engineering
misspwn_ my parents keep urging me to have another so they can get a granddaughter, but i have priorities and don't want another child slowing me down right now
rindolf Apparently, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariana_Grande is 21 but looks about 16. A little kinky!
rbarrybot [ Ariana Grande - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ] - en.wikipedia.org
rindolf According to Jewish law a girl becomes a woman at age 12 (and a boy becomes a man at age 13).
misspwn_ consider herself lucky for looking young
rindolf misspwn_: sure.
misspwn_ i started getting grey hair at 19/20 years old
rindolf misspwn_: there was an episode of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabrina,_the_Teenage_Witch_%28TV_series%29 where a very old witch, who was a big player, looked like a teenager.
rbarrybot [ Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ] - en.wikipedia.org
rindolf misspwn_: ah, my sisters and I all have grey hair.
misspwn_ aw man that was such a good show
rindolf misspwn_: one of my sisters whose hair is now darker (blackish) is now colouring it.
rindolf misspwn_: the other has brighter hair so her grey/white hair doesn't get noticed.
misspwn_ yeah
rindolf I don't colour my hair.
rindolf Well, at least it's still growing.
misspwn_ i bleach mine blonde but have light brown hair naturally so it's a little noticeable
misspwn_ not as dramatic contrast as almost black hair though
rindolf misspwn_: yes, Sabrina was great. I think I still preferred Clarissa - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarissa_Explains_It_All
rbarrybot [ Clarissa Explains It All - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ] - en.wikipedia.org
misspwn_ clarissa was way better
rindolf Not sure anyone remember CEIA now.
misspwn_ agreed on that yo
rindolf misspwn_: yes.
misspwn_ fergasuuuuuuuuun
rindolf misspwn_: Sabrina was funnier, though.
misspwn_ clarissa was just edgier
rindolf misspwn_: I want Melissa Joan Hart to play or voice Katie here - http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/Star-Trek/We-the-Living-Dead/ongoing-text.html
rbarrybot [ Star Trek: “We, the Living Dead” - Ongoing Text ] - www.shlomifish.org
rindolf And it features a talking cat.
rindolf In my story, Jake Sisko and her character are mutually attracted to one another.
misspwn_ hah
rindolf misspwn_: the new MJH is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma_Watson .
rbarrybot [ Emma Watson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ] - en.wikipedia.org
rindolf misspwn_: many young people today don't know who MJH is.
rindolf Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.
misspwn_ wait there is a new ?
rindolf misspwn_: I mean in essence of being a good girl/"beta female"/responsible-adult/etc.
misspwn_ oh, *shrug* i really don't get involved with actors and their lives
rindolf misspwn_: as opposed to the alpha-female/"Bad girl"/insurgent/rebel/etc. (e.g: Jennifer Lawrence or Sarah Michelle Gellar, and all the way back to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Bernhardt ).
rbarrybot [ Sarah Bernhardt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ] - en.wikipedia.org
rindolf misspwn_: ah, I somtimes get it by infusion.
rindolf misspwn_: http://shlomifish.livejournal.com/3001.html - this is my most burning Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (STGM) project - I hope to make Megan Fox *the* alpha female instead of Jenn Law and more importantly to make Summer Glau the new hacker monarch instead of me.
rbarrybot [ Unarmed but still Dangerous - Finishing Off The Open Content / Web 2.0 Revolution: (#SummerNSA) ] - shlomifish.livejournal.com
rindolf And I also want SMG, Chuck Norris & Megan Fox to win all possible awards.
misspwn_ my eye candy for a male celeb would be joseph gordon levitt, female would be scarlet johansen
rindolf misspwn_: ah.
rindolf misspwn_: isn't Levitt that Third Rock from the Sun guy?
misspwn_ yep
misspwn_ i did not like him in loopers or whatever that movie was with bruce willis, nor did i like don jon
badpeaches hiya
Delver badpeaches, hi
rindolf misspwn_: ah.
badpeaches hi Delver
misspwn_ naughty peaches
rindolf misspwn_: well, it's Publish or Perish.
badpeaches misspwn_, what's up?
Delver hi misspwn_ show peaches your wall for ideas
misspwn_ badpeaches, watching MST3K and avoiding some math homework
misspwn_ how r u bb?
misspwn_ badpeaches, oh yeah http://i.imgur.com/bWlXzsT.jpg
badpeaches aww, bb
badpeaches I just got dumped
badpeaches :(
enchilado D:
misspwn_ badpeaches, why he/she do dis?
Delver badpeaches, cheer up. it might be for the best
Delver I'm sorry though if you had your hopes up for a good night
badpeaches aww, thank you enchilado
Delver we all need a good night
badpeaches he said "it's me not you"
rindolf misspwn_: I still haven't finally decided on which actor will play Daniel (= the white soldier in the first guarding station) on SummerNSA. I'm thinking someone with a baby face, maybe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Savage
badpeaches he said we didn't connect
rbarrybot [ Fred Savage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ] - en.wikipedia.org
misspwn_ how long you been dating?
badpeaches two weeks
misspwn_ ah well at least it's now rather than a year later
rindolf Hmm... he's Jewish of mixed German/Latvian/Polish/Ukrainian descent.
misspwn_ that saves a whole lot of super sad feels badpeaches , that's when you say "yer damn right it's you"
badpeaches yer right misspwn_
* badpeaches kicks some dust
rindolf His character on The Wonder Years was not Jewish, while the one of his dorkier friend was.
misspwn_ besides, i'm all you need
misspwn_ ;)
Delver hot sisterly love
badpeaches i'm not asking for consent this time
Delver I've been browsing r/thefapping, are you sure?
rindolf badpeaches: sorry to hear about your ex.
* badpeaches is now known as FuegoPeaches
FuegoPeaches I'm so mad
FuegoPeaches like ugh
rindolf FuegoPeaches: don't get mad - get even!
FuegoPeaches how?
rindolf FuegoPeaches: post his naked photos online!
FuegoPeaches there's no getting anything
rindolf FuegoPeaches: hire Summer Glau to assassinate him. Using her mind.
FuegoPeaches you're so stupid rindolf
rindolf FuegoPeaches: I'm just kidding.
FuegoPeaches okd
rindolf FuegoPeaches: sorry, maybe sulk a little.
FuegoPeaches fuck that
rindolf FuegoPeaches: and it's alright to feel bad. Don't feel bad about feeling bad.
Delver pm if you want to vent
Delver pm to misspwn_ for proper womanly venting
rindolf misspwn_: are you a girl?
Delver sorabji, promises to listen too
Delver rindolf, will write plays about it
rindolf Delver: heh, I may actually.
rindolf I often use material from my personal life or that of friends as fodder for my stories.
Delver now as men, it is our duty to try to switch the blame to women
Delver kate upton has really big breasts
rindolf Delver: http://paste.debian.net/118672/ - this is in part based on a couple I know whose husband adopted his wife's last name but I build on it further.
rbarrybot [ debian Pastezone ] - paste.debian.net
Delver my brother chose a hyphenated name with his wife. good idea in my opinion, that is until the kids get married
rindolf And also there was this woman on #reddit-judaism who found out she was a descendent of some Normandy Duke or something like that.
rindolf So it inspired this too.
rindolf Delver: ah.
rindolf Delver: I'll refuse to give my future children an hyphenated name. I wouldn't mind naming them after my wife's maiden name, though.
rindolf Delver: and I'm not changing my last name away from "Fish".
rindolf Being Mr. Fish is now part of my identity and trademark.
rindolf Delver: Kate Upton? https://www.google.com/search?q=kate%20upton&gws_rd=ssl - so it seems - look fake though, but who knows?
rbarrybot [ kate upton - Google Search ] - www.google.com
Delver rindolf, I don't know. I never heard of her
Delver I don't get out much :(
rindolf https://twitter.com/KateUpton - that's her twitter.
rbarrybot [ Kate Upton (KateUpton) on Twitter ] - twitter.com
rindolf Delver: well, it's her body and her life.
errgnomeous no it isn't
errgnomeous it's my body and life
rindolf errgnomeous: heh.
errgnomeous and I will turn it into bread and wine
errgnomeous then I will eat it
Delver we haven't grown beyound the 'meh, pretty but whatever' attitude in the us yet
errgnomeous and drink it
rindolf errgnomeous: :-(
errgnomeous don't be sad
Delver mostly puritan weirdos and post teen wankery drives it
errgnomeous be happy
Delver bitter dregs
rindolf Delver: I don't mind being objectified as a sex object by women.
Delver I don't think it's the objectification that would bother people. it's the muttered words, the slut shaming, the wolf whistles. the not taken seriously
rindolf Delver: I'm planning to appear on the cover of "People" magazine one day with the caption "Sexiest man alive".
rindolf Delver: slut?
Delver as I said before, meh, whatevs
FuegoPeaches thank you errgnomeous
FuegoPeaches you're a gent
rindolf Delver: recently, Miranda Kerr has become a slut-of-sorts-and-damn-proud-of-it. All the power to her I say.
errgnomeous I am?
Delver +1 for errgnomeous
errgnomeous ;)
FuegoPeaches you've made me smile
FuegoPeaches :)
misspwn_ rindolf, i am
errgnomeous well that's all that matters
rindolf misspwn_: ah, nice. Are you bi?
misspwn_ rindolf, uh no
errgnomeous yes she is
rindolf misspwn_: ah, OK.
FuegoPeaches lol
Delver I think the only time that characterization is appropriate is beteween two (or more) intimate partners
misspwn_ not that it's a bad thing
rindolf misspwn_: I'm a little attracted to men, but I'd rather not explore that.
FuegoPeaches kate upton is so hot
misspwn_ errgnomeous, if the right woman came alone
FuegoPeaches want to bang
misspwn_ kate upton is a QT
Delver a what?
misspwn_ alone would be good, along would be even better
Delver oh sorry. slow
misspwn_ a QT.314
FuegoPeaches cutie
errgnomeous i wonder if kate upton is a fan of john denver
Delver yes. I was slow to figure it out
FuegoPeaches probaly
misspwn_ john denver in the house
Delver I was reading it too literally
FuegoPeaches west virgina
misspwn_ i lold about that photoshop
errgnomeous take me home
FuegoPeaches mountian momma
errgnomeous to the place
misspwn_ i fling pooooooooo
FuegoPeaches gina
FuegoPeaches haha
Delver one of my favorites
errgnomeous i need some milk
FuegoPeaches go get some
misspwn_ you can milk anything with nipples greg
errgnomeous I will go get some
Oddity But I do not produce milk
rindolf misspwn_: I recently kinda flirted with a young guy who sat with his friends next to an icecream shop. I told him he reminded me of Orlando Bloom, and we all stroke a conversation.
misspwn_ go top yourself off with your nips
FuegoPeaches hiya Oddity
rindolf I think I bought icecream there.
FuegoPeaches can we use you as a test subject?
misspwn_ rindolf, go get you some hot male love
Delver human milk icecream? count me in
errgnomeous did you know ice cream made from hippo milk is pink
Delver I've always wanted to get what I didn't as a kid (sniff, cries)
errgnomeous it taste like strawberries
rindolf misspwn_: heh, how about no.
errgnomeous rindolf: you don't like hot sweaty male love?
rindolf misspwn_: I'll sleep with this boy if you sleep with Jennifer Lawrence and let me watch the sex tape. ;-) Lesbian sex is hawt!
misspwn_ rindolf, or or you can just do what makes you happy :P
misspwn_ i'm not going to become a lesbian for convenience of others sorry
errgnomeous what if eating skittles naked while sitting in a hot tub and watching netflix is what makes you happy?
Delver do whatever you can get by with. whomever it is. don't be too selective
misspwn_ because then i'll have to stop shaving my armpits and become a vegan and read old articles from gloria steinem
Delver it hurts later
misspwn_ yeah, you'll end up like joan rivers on life support, and no one truly wants that
misspwn_ mine worked
Delver there are 2 homeless copules and a single woman camping near me
rindolf misspwn_: heh, so much for stigma.
rindolf misspwn_: I've met many really cool Lesbians.
misspwn_ rindolf, :P stigma is for the birds, son
misspwn_ i also have pretty awesome lesbian friends
rindolf And I think homosexuality is a spectrum.
misspwn_ they aren't all supre feminazi-hambeasts
rindolf misspwn_: that's nice.
rindolf misspwn_: that's great.
rindolf misspwn_: so you'ra a girl who uses the term "Feminazi"? I tend to say "cynical feminism" which is less ambiguous.
rindolf I acknowledge the existence of non-cynical feminism (e.g: My Little Pony).
misspwn_ rindolf, for me personally it's the whole 3rd wave feminist movement i cannot stand so the term feminazi seems to fit the bill
rindolf misspwn_: ah, OKO.
rindolf misspwn_: how many waves were there?
rindolf Which wave is Buffy? I cannot remember.
misspwn_ well unless it turns into 4th reich, i believe there is only 3
misspwn_ rindolf, i don't think your average stereotypical 3rd wave feminist truly appreciates what the previous women have accomplished for them
misspwn_ it's a circle jerk of men bashing
misspwn_ er i should say truly does not appreciate @ rindolf
rindolf misspwn_: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girl_power - apparently Buffy is 3rd wave feminism.
LadyTr0n what other circle jerk could you possibly be referring to?
LadyTr0n men hating on men
LadyTr0n and masturbating
Delver actually it's good to male bash. it's one of the freedoms that women earned
LadyTr0n no bueno
rindolf Xena was an awfully feminist (and unrealistic and comical) heroine, but I can retrospectively say she was awesome.
misspwn_ Delver, possibly, but i feel some take it too far
Delver of course
rindolf Lucy Lawless who played her: 1. Also had starred in some Oceanian porn films before doing Xena. 2. Cried in her wedding.
misspwn_ and i'm not oppressed when i make my bf a sandwich either. i like to cook
Delver just like men take this silly "mens rights" backlash into dumb directions
misspwn_ yep
Delver as long as we find a happy median
Delver too bad we only get one life to fuck up
misspwn_ you get your all or nothing groups in all categories
Delver or maybe just as well
rindolf Lots of people couldn't imagine Xena (the character) crying at her wedding.
errgnomeous actually there's an infinite amount of lives we just don't realize it
misspwn_ it's just a shame you have the ones who are the moldy slice of bread in the package
misspwn_ it just spreads
rindolf Buffy was a different matter altogether - she cried sometimes.
rindolf misspwn_: I'm a 37 years old man who can cook only very simple things like pasta - not too politcally correct, I know.
misspwn_ rindolf, you get as much you put in
rindolf misspwn_: recently https://twitter.com/BarRefaeli tweeted about the fact that she started cooking and her Tsculent (with chicken!) looked yumyum.
misspwn_ if you only put just the tip in, someone is going to be disappointed
rindolf misspwn_: yes, my parents and sisters are excellent cooks, but I lack the time and energy for cooking.
rindolf I enjoy eating food (naturally) but don't mind going to eat it in a restaurant.
Delver I ate vegetable straws all evening
Delver mildly nauseated
rindolf misspwn_: on the plane back home my father and I met a man who couldn't even cook pasta (which I can).
misspwn_ yikes
rindolf Delver: ah , maybe eat something else.
misspwn_ one thing i've never made and would like to master is beef wellington
rindolf misspwn_: he was an amazing man though, and resembled both my father and me.
rindolf misspwn_: ah.
rindolf misspwn_: my mother doesn't taste the food while cooking it and still usually gets good results. They recently got many good ideas from T.V. or the Internet, etc.
Delver LadyTr0n, keep on hangin in there
misspwn_ rindolf, that's me, hasn't really failed yet except for some couscous with spinach that had far too much lemon
rindolf misspwn_: ah.
misspwn_ earthy lemony overload yikes
rindolf misspwn_: I'm OK with couscous.
misspwn_ couscous is great!
rindolf misspwn_: I prefer rice or pasta or noodles or tabulah or whatever though.
Delver I need some righteous manhate songs ladies. post it!
rindolf misspwn_: where do you live?
misspwn_ Delver, uhhh how about any song with alanis morrisette
* rindolf is not good at knowing how to meet celebrities.
misspwn_ rindolf, st louis area
rindolf I met a few software dev/etc. celebs online.
misspwn_ i've met richard stallman
rindolf misspwn_: ah, I was told St. Louis is a boring town.
misspwn_ st louis is pretty lively
rindolf misspwn_: so did I - I also met Larry Wall.
* Delver will go for the nonirionic 'isn't it ironic' song
rindolf misspwn_: ah, maybe it became better..
misspwn_ rindolf, the ferguson stuff was close to me but it's dying down a lot
misspwn_ Delver, what about jewel
misspwn_ or diana king
misspwn_ .yt diana king
rbarrybot [YT Search] Title: Diana King - Shy Guy | Duration: 4mins 22secs | Link: http://youtu.be/xn9LQZ5tdys
misspwn_ .yt mc lyte
rbarrybot [YT Search] Title: MC Lyte - Paper Thin {actual video} | Duration: 3mins 46secs | Link: http://youtu.be/WH5CmB44TaY
rindolf Delver: there was an episode of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lois_%26_Clark:_The_New_Adventures_of_Superman that made fun of it.
rbarrybot [ Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ] - en.wikipedia.org
Delver also Tori Amos
misspwn_ .yt upright citizens brigade ass pennies
rbarrybot [YT Search] Title: Ass Pennies | Duration: 4mins 5secs | Link: http://youtu.be/DO1Q7F23DxM
rindolf Delver: who?
rindolf Alanis' "Ironic" song is great though.
Delver I love it
Delver not a fan of that kind of note shifting
Delver Tori Amos, a singer that hits a chord with women and lesbians. she sings about personal stuff, love etc
Delver big in the late 1990s and early naughties
rindolf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jne9t8sHpUc
rbarrybot [YouTube] Title: Alanis Morissette - Ironic (Video) | Duration: 4mins 6secs
* LadyTr0n is now known as MsPeaches
Delver good, that's easier to remember
rindolf MsPeaches: are you feeling better now?
rindolf Delver: ah, I heard of Tori Amos. She has some good songs.
rindolf and I say it as a straight man.
rindolf .yt here's to never give up tiffany alvord
rbarrybot [YT Search] Title: Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up - CLEAN (Official Music Cover) by Tiffany Alvord | Duration: 5mins 22secs | Link: http://youtu.be/u7vzicDQJ4k
Delver I saw her live but I only went in a group
Delver wasn't really for me
Delver but I appreciate the fact she really had a strong female presence
Delver rindolf, can you please mail me some israeli made machineguns. just label them as machine parts
rindolf Delver: heh.
rindolf Delver: I have no idea how I'll acquire one.
rindolf Delver: and I'm not into guns myself.
Delver just joking anyway
rindolf Delver: ah, OK.
Delver cool reddit image: http://i.imgur.com/8J4rBYQ.png
Delver burning man
rindolf Delver: http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/Muppets-Show-TNI/Summer-Glau-and-Chuck-Norris.html - here Chuck and Summer Glau make extensive use of gunnery. There are some references to them both being texans too.
rbarrybot [ The Muppets Show The Next Incarnation - With Summer Glau and Chuck Norris ] - www.shlomifish.org
Delver not into slash fiction. telling it to the wrong person
rindolf Delver: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ponies%20guns - ponies with guns.
rbarrybot [ ponies guns at DuckDuckGo ] - duckduckgo.com
rindolf Delver: by slash fiction do you mean "fan fiction"?
Delver not interested in ponies either
Delver airships now. yes!
rindolf Delver: OK, how about cats with guns? ;-)
Delver nope
rindolf Delver: ah.
rindolf Delver: which animals do you like?
Delver turtles
Delver I like turtles
rindolf Delver: nice.
sorabji ghehe
rindolf Delver: did you see the latest TMNT film?
Delver no. I give no shits about that
sorabji no fucks to give?
misspwn_ not going to watch it either, i don't want to have it ruined like enders game
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