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#reddit: The Best at Being Horrible

funnynickname oh shit.. so close
hlve OH COE ON.
foddo aw shit, i was early
deepend dang
radiofree that's what she said
rindolf foddo: "Hello! My name is foddo and I was early for 11:11 today," "Hello foddo! We all love you."
foddo rindolf: stop rubbing it in
foddo you're a horrible person
deepend s/in/
reddit-bot Correction, <foddo> rdolf: stop rubbg it
deepend s/stop/don't stop
reddit-bot Correction, <foddo> rdolf: don't stop rubbg it
foddo rubbg
foddo rdolf.
deepend rubbg me good
deepend rndlfo
foddo rdolf the rubbg redeer
rindolf foddo: but I'm trying to win the Nobel prize for being a horrible person…
foddo i'm fairly sure you're not going to win that one.
rindolf foddo: it's one of my most coveted life achievements
rindolf foddo: why not?
foddo i mean you'll have to up your horrible game somewhat dramatically
rindolf foddo: so I'm not as horrible as humanly possible? That's quite an insult
foddo i, also, am working my way up the chain.
rindolf foddo: nice
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