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Compiling the World

rindolf Hi all.
bkeys Hello rindolf
rindolf bkeys: sup?
bkeys Messing with docker still
bkeys I hate it but there is no better option
bkeys yourself?
rindolf bkeys: I fixed Freecell Solver on ARM linux.
rindolf bkeys: turns out "char"s in C are unsigned there by default.
bkeys I thought this was always the case
rindolf bkeys: they are signed on x86
bkeys I did not know this
ExpiredPopsicle Protip: uint8_t and int8_t exist. Use them. :P
rindolf bkeys: ah.
bkeys I almost never use chars directly
rindolf ExpiredPopsicle: I know
bkeys Most of the time C++ data structures are good enough
ExpiredPopsicle Sign extending a char to an int can ruin your day.
bkeys Then ints and floats
BlackMoon rindolf: so you actually have to type signed char? :)
BlackMoon weird.
ExpiredPopsicle Or you could just use int8_t.
BlackMoon neverah
rindolf BlackMoon: yes
BlackMoon you can take my poorly defined types from my cold, dead, typedefed hands
ExpiredPopsicle pfft
rindolf BlackMoon: or use the -fsigned-char compiler flag
BlackMoon 'build procedure: use more obscure flags'
ExpiredPopsicle -O9999999999999999999999999999999999
BlackMoon -O911
ExpiredPopsicle Performance problems solved!
BlackMoon activate emergency optimizations!
ExpiredPopsicle Also I accidentally made the optimizer sentient. We're all doomed.
BlackMoon nah we'r find just so long as.. oh, you showed it some of your source code too? Well no wonder it wants to end all human life
ExpiredPopsicle You know how the optimizer figures out how some code is unneeded and just deletes it?
ExpiredPopsicle It did that with humans.
BlackMoon or stuffed us all into a lib somewhere, never to be linked with again
ExpiredPopsicle We have been simplified down to a 32-bit constant: 0x4655434B
* rindolf survived
BlackMoon I will not be typecast!
BlackMoon I hope the compilers come for you first Type-21
Type-21 i'm already lost
Type-21 the compilers are flowing through me
BlackMoon resistance is futile, you will be compil error on line 53, invalid type-21
BlackFox I'm defiantly a void
* rindolf got transpiled into JavaScript
Type-21 aren't the kids these days doing coffescript or typescript or something?
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