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#reddit: Great Poetry

rindolf home: you're no longer being funny.
home rindolf: you are being an asshole now
home rindolf: I want my $4 of games
home or else I will be unhappy
home if you want to preach about finding happiness, but the not act upon it, then so be it
home but my happiness at the moment is begging others for a $4 game
rindolf home: do you want me to put you on /ignore ?
rindolf home: you seem dense.
home Yeah, when the times get tough
home people just ignore each other
home I see how it is
home you can't keep ignoring people forever
rindolf home: where do you live?
Weagle in his....home.
home I live in Ontario, Canada
sorabji5252 o.O
home :/
home sorabji5252: hi
home sorabji5252: are you a preacher too?
Weagle Lebron James is pretty good
Weagle but Ive yet to see him save earth from aliens.
Weagle like Michael Jordan did
sorabji5252 a preacher? not in the sense you mean probably
Weagle he's a monk
Weagle i shave his head daily.
* sorabji5252 offers his head to be felt by others
home you guys are so gay
rindolf home: nice.
home not sure you realized what you just said
rindolf home: is it lovely there?
rindolf home: is it boring?
home it's not nice here
home I hate Canada
sorabji5252 i try not to be crude -__-
rindolf home: then why not move?
rindolf home: California! Florida!
Weagle Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
rindolf Maybe the Carolinas.
rindolf Weagle: Israel!
Weagle key largo, montego, baby why dont we go down to mexico
rindolf Italy.
Weagle we'll get there fast cuz Weagle takes it slow
rindolf Weagle: heh.
rindolf Spain ....
Weagle thats where we wanna go, way down in Kokomo
rindolf Weagle: you're a talented poet.
Weagle i took it from some of the greatest poets to ever live.
Weagle The Beach Boys
rindolf Weagle: heh.
rindolf Weagle: that's heavenly poetry.
rindolf Weagle: Bialiq was a pretty good Hebrew poet.
rindolf Weagle: there's some good poetry in the Hebrew Bible too.
rindolf Weagle: Isaiah 40 is lovely.
Weagle I'm really not interested.
frauheimer hey guys.
frauheimer reddit huh. cool!
rindolf Weagle: OK, sorry.
home frauheimer: what
rindolf frauheimer: yes!
home frauheimer: can you buy me $4 of games?
frauheimer yes
frauheimer where
home https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly
frauheimer alright
home rindolf: ^
frauheimer how do dis
sorabji5252 o my
rindolf home: go to hell!!!
sorabji5252 rindolf: i don't know how to read poetry. it seems nice though :D
rindolf home: just live me alone.
frauheimer home show me how
home frauheimer: okay
rindolf sorabji5252: it sounds better in the original Klingon.
home scroll down
rindolf sorabji5252: s/Klingon/Hebrew/ naturally.
rindolf sorabji5252: a lot of the Bible is prose though.
sorabji5252 i've read a lot of the bible
rindolf sorabji5252: someone I know read the whole thing several times.
rindolf He also read the Complete Shakespeare.
sorabji5252 many people i know have done that. it's a thing
rindolf sorabji5252: yes.
rindolf sorabji5252: I've temporarily given up in exodus - it's too intense.
rindolf sorabji5252: too antiquated.
sorabji5252 it's very serious. and it rarely lets up
rindolf sorabji5252: yes.
rindolf sorabji5252: I did read /A Suitable Boy/ cover to cover. Wonderful book.
sorabji5252 o my, that's awfully long
sorabji5252 i think /Brothers Karamzov/ is the longest novel i've read
rindolf Heh, heh, they are discussing guns on #reddit-mlp
rindolf My Little Pony ponies with guns!
sorabji5252 what's the mlp for?
sorabji5252 o, dear
rindolf sorabji5252: My Little Pony.
sorabji5252 bronies. i do not understand this one.
rindolf sorabji5252: I bet there's something like what I described on the Internet.
rindolf sorabji5252: I cured someone from an attack of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizoaffective_disorder using a technique I learned from an MLP episode.
rindolf This is some great Television.
sorabji5252 rindolf: that's crazy man
rindolf sorabji5252: :-)
rindolf sorabji5252: reportedly, someone once saved a man's life using a technique he saw on /Bay Watch/.
rindolf sorabji5252: this is crazier.
rindolf sorabji5252: maybe there's a good reason for everything in this world.
sorabji5252 nah, things just happen
home rindolf: there is hope in this world
frauheimer a bit
home frauheimer: I see :P
rindolf sorabji5252: "There are no coincidences" -- http://kungfupanda.wikia.com/wiki/Oogway
rbarrybot [ Oogway - Kung Fu Panda Wiki, the online encyclopedia to the Kung Fu Panda world! ] - kungfupanda.wikia.com
rindolf home: true.
Weagle peyton manning
rindolf home: people are now saying about facebook what they said about Socrates... ehmm - about Television.
rindolf home: ;-)
sorabji5252 rindolf: a radio host i like doesn't believe in coincidence
rindolf home: in Hebrew we have a saying "We survived Paroah - we'll survive this."
frauheimer whats Paroah
rindolf sorabji5252: he may be right.
rindolf frauheimer: the big king/god of Egypt.
frauheimer oh yeah
frauheimer what an asshole
rindolf frauheimer: there were many of them.
rindolf frauheimer: last one was Cleopatra I think.
rindolf Well, there were other Macedonian Princesses called that.
sorabji5252 i suppose it's all cake after pharaoh
frauheimer close
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