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#reddit: We survived Pharaoh

rindolf sorabji5252: I cured someone from an attack of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizoaffective_disorder using a technique I learned from an MLP episode.
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sorabji5252 rindolf: that's crazy man
rindolf sorabji5252: :-)
rindolf sorabji5252: reportedly, someone once saved a man's life using a technique he saw on /Bay Watch/.
rindolf sorabji5252: this is crazier.
rindolf sorabji5252: maybe there's a good reason for everything in this world.
frauheimer nah
sorabji5252 nah, things just happen
home rindolf: there is hope in this world
home frauheimer: I see :P
rindolf sorabji5252: "There are no coincidences" -- http://kungfupanda.wikia.com/wiki/Oogway
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rindolf home: true.
Weagle peyton manning
rindolf home: people are now saying about facebook what they said about Socrates... ehmm - about Television.
rindolf home: ;-)
sorabji5252 rindolf: a radio host i like doesn't believe in coincidence
rindolf home: in Hebrew we have a saying “We survived Pharaoh - we'll survive this.”
sorabji5252 I suppose it's all cake after Pharaoh
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