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How to market your Rails Book?

Radar and on a completely unrelated note
rindolf Radar: I know it's rehearsed, but I prefer reading dark on bright rather than the opposite.
rindolf Radar: let me see if there's an alternate stylesheet.
Radar rindolf: Command+Option+Control+8
workmad3 heh
rindolf Radar: I'm not on a Mac.
Radar rindolf: then whatever the shortcut is for you to invert your screen.
rindolf Radar: Firefox 4.0 on Mandriva Linux Cooker on an old P4-2.4GHz.
rindolf Radar: yeah....
rindolf Radar: that way XChat and Pidgin will be in technicolour.
workmad3 Radar: so, once you've gotten Rails 3.1 in Action out, are you going to be going for Rails 3.2 in Action on Windows?
rindolf Well, I applied a no-stylesheet.
Radar workmad3: Rails 3.2 in Action on Windows(r) 7(tm) actually.
workmad3 Radar: I'll reserve my copy now :D
rindolf Radar: good luck with that.
rindolf Radar: will the book be available online for free view/download?
workmad3 rindolf: a windows book? for free?
workmad3 are you crazy???
rindolf workmad3: Windows?
rindolf workmad3: it's about Rails.
Radar rindolf: no it will cost money
rindolf Radar: ah, OK. :-(
workmad3 Rails 3.2 In Action on Windows(r) 7(tm)
workmad3 it'll cost big bucks!!
rindolf workmad3: heh.
rindolf Ultimate Premium.
Radar Yes, I'm going to spend a year of my life writing a book and then release it for free, yay
Radar how about no?
workmad3 Radar: don't forget the Enterprise Rails 3.2 on Windows In Action 7(tw)
workmad3 you can charge double for that one... it has enterprise in the title!
Radar workmad3: how did you know about the third installment of the trilogy?! only Yehuda and I know of that
workmad3 Radar: I'm really yehuda in disguise
workmad3 dammit... I should have waited 25 mins to reveal that...
rindolf Radar: well, I'm now working on an EPUB of but DocBook/XML is giving me some grief in generating a valid EPUB.
rindolf I think I'll fix the EPUB manually.
rindolf I'll have to study the EPUB format.
rindolf Radar: it's a story - not a technical book.
rindolf Radar: - this took me several years to work on (well not 100% of the time) and it's mostly CC-by.
workmad3 rindolf: who'd pay for stuff on perl though? :P
rindolf workmad3: you'd be surprised.
workmad3 rindolf: I doubt it
rindolf workmad3: I think chromatic's latest "Modern Perl" book was a smashing success.
workmad3 my sense of surprise has been surgically removed
rindolf workmad3: even though it was available online the whole time.
rindolf workmad3: but Perl is a bit passé and established.
rindolf Radar: people will torrent your book/etc.
workmad3 also, I think I need to colour my sarcastic text differently
rindolf workmad3: ah, OK.
workmad3 or maybe just my non-sarcastic text
rindolf chromatic did an awesome job.
workmad3 would probably be easier
rindolf Use <sarcasm> ... </sarcasm>
workmad3 too much typing
rindolf Human XML.
rindolf Write an IRC client macro for that.
workmad3 I'll just put <nonsarcasm> when I'm not being sarcastic
rindolf Heh.
workmad3 assume that previous one was escaped
rindolf XSS!
rindolf 1+1 = 2. [citation needed]
rindolf I like this channel.
rindolf But I admit I'm not big into rails.
workmad3 it doesn't like you
workmad3 it's looking at you funny
workmad3 muttering under it's breath
workmad3 :P
rindolf Most of my sites are hosted on something which I don't care what it runs or alternatively static HTML sites.
rindolf workmad3: :-)
rindolf I'm so making a fortune out of this conversation.
rindolf workmad3: have you ever considered being a stand-up comedian?
workmad3 rindolf: nah... I'm too lazy
rindolf workmad3: ah.
workmad3 rindolf: if I could sit down while doing it, I'd be a millionaire :P
rindolf workmad3: heh.
rindolf workmad3: more like a milliardaire.
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