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With what to write code?

Quetzalcoatl_ How do I write a computer vision program in C on a microcontroller?
dyf Quetzalcoatl_: with a text editor?
Quetzalcoatl_ Hmm.. Never thought of that. But which editor? Is Notepad good enough?
mauke no, you need at least Wordpad
rindolf mauke: I suggest MS Word or at least OpenOffice.org
rindolf mauke: but in order to really be able to write well, you need a desktop publishing program like Scribus or Adobe FrameMaker.
* rindolf wonders which compiler will accept PDFs as input.
waiting rindolf: /usr/bin/pdftotext
rindolf waiting: and pray.
rindolf There's an estoric programming language called Piet (I think) that accepts images as input.
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Tagline How to write stylistic code