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3 Years Experience in Swift

_blizzy_ lol at people who are looking to hire people who have 3 years experience of Swift.
pulse i have 1 year of experience with Swift and i've developed a minor depression in that time
pulse should i sue oracle?
apotheon I love how everyone who wrote three lines of code for the Linux kernel these days can now refer to his or her code running on things somewhere other than Earth to make themselves sound good, now.
rindolf _blizzy_: heh.
_blizzy_ I have 4 years experience with Swift and 10 years experience of Node.
_blizzy_ hire me.
rindolf _blizzy_: wasn't Swift created less than a year ago?
_blizzy_ rindolf, that's the joke.
rindolf _blizzy_: yes.
pulse oh, you mean Swift
pulse as in apple
_blizzy_ node wasn't around also 10 years ago.
rindolf _blizzy_: yes.
_blizzy_ rindolf, oh.
_blizzy_ https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/320ujx/why_cant_programmers_program_is_print_100_to_1/
pulse could they choose a more stupid name
_blizzy_ I tripped on that problem.
apotheon _blizzy_: If you don't have thirty years of experience with Java, you don't qualify.
pulse only if they called it PHP 2 maybe it would be stupider
_blizzy_ print 100 -> 1, but start with (for i=0
rindolf _blizzy_: «Chuck Norris has 50 years of proven experience in PHP/MySQL/Java. Each.»
_blizzy_ rindolf, Chuck Norris made a new sorting algorithm.
_blizzy_ roundhouse sorting.
pulse chuck norris once outrun himself
_blizzy_ 2003.
_blizzy_ I hope no one
_blizzy_ attempts to crash my app. c:
wei2912 rindolf: chuck norris can compile any randomly generated code with GCC
rindolf wei2912: :-)
apotheon That's impressive. GCC sometimes doesn't even compile standards compliant code.
pulse chuck norris can roll a joint while swimming
_blizzy_ CN slammed a revolving door.
Twey pulse: They could have chosen a much stupider name, like ‘Go’.
_blizzy_ Twey, or Java
wei2912 lmao
_blizzy_ I kid.
pulse Twey, well at least Go doesn't have any bad connotations ... as far as i know
_blizzy_ GO is actually
_blizzy_ decent.
* Twey resolves to call his next project ‘The’
apotheon Java isn't a stupid name. It was just ruined by association with the language.
pulse when i hear Swift, all i can think of is those horrible layout patterns in Netbeans
rindolf wei2912: Chuck Norris once wrote a 10 million lines C++ program in MS Notepad without hitting the backspace key. And it compiled without errors or warnings and was 100% bug free.
_blizzy_ Java is bad imo.
Twey pulse: I mostly think of the bird
pulse chuck norris once made a program that was 110% bug free
wei2912 rindolf: Chuck Norris once wrote Swift Swiftly
rindolf pulse: and he donated the extra 10% for charity.
_blizzy_ Chuck Norris once wrote a Whitespace program without whitespace.
apotheon pulse: Only once? Slacker.
pulse rindolf, :D
wei2912 he Goes on to write Go
Twey _blizzy_: That's easy
ams isn't everything readable in go by default?
pulse ams, that's what they said about Python
apotheon Go is an excellent Java replacement.
ams :-)
Twey _blizzy_: (the empty program is a valid Whitespace program)
_blizzy_ Twey, oh.
_blizzy_ time to learn meteor.
pulse i imagine it's possible to open a wormhole to another dimension using just javascript
_blizzy_ it's possible in Python
_blizzy_ import wormhole
apotheon _blizzy_: I hear excellent things about Meteor. I also hear bad things . . . like the fact it's a JavaScript framework.
pulse _blizzy_, from __future__?
_blizzy_ pulse, of course.
wei2912 heh
apotheon pulse: Yes, that's possible, but only if you do it by accident.
apotheon (re: JavaScript)
_blizzy_ you gotta add 'use strict'; for it to work.
Znoosey pulse: why would a wormhole be to another dimension?
apotheon I'm pretty sure neither Python nor JavaScript uses strict.
_blizzy_ JS does.
Znoosey pulse: wormholes goes to other places in the galaxy, it does not move between dimensions
pulse Znoosey, i thought all wormholes lead to dimensions with silly rabbits and such
apotheon Srsly? I clearly haven't been writing "enough" JavaScript.
_blizzy_ https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Strict_mode
apotheon I haven't yet encountered that.
Znoosey galaxy = universe
pulse apotheon, yeah, JS has use strict :L
pulse Znoosey, wat
Znoosey in my sentence it is!
Twey As a string.
Znoosey I just messed it up :P
pulse galaxy is a subset of the universe
Twey I thought that was a joke about Python's True = False
pulse a universe might be a subset of a multiverse :P
Znoosey pulse: yes, I messed it up in my sentence
pulse a multiverse might be a subset of itself o_O
Znoosey a multiverse is a subset of space
pulse well what is space then
Znoosey space might be infinite
_blizzy_ why is True = False even legal
_blizzy_ in Python.
pulse _blizzy_, because of reasons
pulse it's illegal in 3.0 afaik
Twey _blizzy_: It's not in Py3
_blizzy_ omg
apotheon pulse: I think that instead of "galaxy = universe" what Znoosey meant was "s/galaxy/universe/".
_blizzy_ somehow sneak True = False into a python 2 program
fykos Guys, why the arraylist only adds the last token to the list?http://pastebin.com/YbHLEqnA
pulse apotheon, universe = universe? o_.
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