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Day of the Tentacle, like existence, does not exist

xeno I wish Adventure games (the old style) hadn't crashed so badly. I like the Telltale Games, but they've turned into movies rather than click & point games
xeno although I just got Broken Sword on my ipad, that seems promising
xeno but still not anywhere near Lucasarts
xeno imagine the old lucasart team joining up and making Maniac Mansion III
themachinist hmm that would be cool. haven’t played MM
xeno themachinist: MM2 is better known as Day of the Tentacle
xeno themachinist: and it's the best adventure games of all time, easily spins circles around both Monkey Island and Sam & Max
themachinist herecy!
xeno play it, then say herecy again! it's insanely good
themachinist now i have something to do this weekend
xeno definitely... and unless you cheat, probably longer :)
rindolf xeno: I prefered the Monkey Islands over Day of the Tentacle.
rindolf xeno: and I finished the Day of the Tentacle.
rindolf xeno: it's a good idea not to state an opinion as a fact. :-)
xeno I would play DotT first, Sam & Max second, Monkey Island II third, not sure about 4th
xeno rindolf: but it's a fact that DotT is the best! :)
themachinist Twey: i think its busybox, not sure how to tell
themachinist jkbbwr: ?
rindolf xeno: "In my opinion, it's a fact!"
xeno rindolf: exactly!
rindolf xeno: stop! You don't exist! You cannot have opinions.
rindolf xeno: I am not -> I think not.
xeno rindolf: you don't need to exist or to think for DotT to be the best adventure game :)
rindolf xeno: you cannot have opinions and you certainly cannot state facts.
rindolf xeno: heh.
rindolf xeno: DotT does not exist! Thus, it can not be played.
rindolf xeno: the Matrix HAZ YOU!
xeno rindolf: of course the matrix has me
xeno or I have the matrix
xeno or maybe I am the matrix
rindolf xeno: in which cell? ;-)
xeno #9, the one with the soft fluffy walls
rindolf xeno: a matrix is two-dimensional.
xeno only inside the matrix
rindolf xeno: maybe an Evil Genius convinced us that matrices are a valid mathematical concept.
Twey Matrices are just a special case of tensors.
xeno rindolf: that's likely, but you don't even need that... the Evil Genius argument is just Descartes being incapable of imagining himself as not created by something conscious
rindolf Twey: "Flobakonins are just a special case of loremipsums."
Twey rindolf: Gesundheit!
rindolf Twey: heh.
rindolf xeno: i agree that reality can be very different from what we perceive it.
rindolf xeno: assuming powerful enough misconceptionists.
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