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SillyMusings How much money can I expect to make as a developer out of college?
quelqun_dautre SillyMusings: 0$. Tax deduced.
rindolf quelqun_dautre: well, that's a lower bound.
rindolf SillyMusings: the correct answer is that it varies based on several parameters.
SillyMusings rindolf, what are the parameters?
quelqun_dautre what you know, what framework you can use, how good you are in an interview, where you are
rindolf SillyMusings: 1. Where are you located. 2. Which languages do you know. 3. where you'll get hired.
SillyMusings I know Javascript and Java
quelqun_dautre where are you located ?
rindolf SillyMusings: it's spelled "JavaScript" - not "Javascript"
SillyMusings I am located in Oregon
little_bit how much money you'll make is not a function of any of those inputs.
quelqun_dautre and how good are you at Java[script] ?
little_bit sad to say it's barely a function at all. predictability in terms of actual earnings is impossible these days.
SillyMusings I'd say I'm okay at it
rindolf quelqun_dautre: Java and JavaScript are two completely different things.
little_bit if you want some examples, look at GlassDoor.
SillyMusings What sort of range am I looking at?
little_bit SillyMusings: GlassDoor.
quelqun_dautre rindolf: I know.
little_bit SillyMusings: anything from us will be an incomplete picture.
little_bit SillyMusings: so draw from multiple sources.
SillyMusings If I'm fresh out of college, am I a 'junior developer'?
little_bit probably. god knows what you'll be placed into.
quelqun_dautre SillyMusings: what is "okay" on your terms ? Do you know the play framework ? J2EE ?
little_bit SillyMusings: I certainly hope you aren't expecting a lot of money.
SillyMusings quelqun_dautre, no I'm stronger on the JS side
pilne java and javascript are often used in the same "completed" project these days, but they are completely different beasts for better or worse
SillyMusings little_bit, glassdoor says average of 103k?
rindolf quelqun_dautre: - case in point. ;-)
little_bit SillyMusings: for what position?
little_bit and where?
pilne javascript is relatively strong right now due to node.js, it isn't ideal for *everything* but it can do a lot
* rindolf thinks serving Java web applets from a Node.js service is bestest
TubbyTommy JavaScript is relatively strong on it's own because they keep making it better, its not ever finished really
SillyMusings yes I've been following es6 stuff
pilne erm... rindolf?
rindolf pilne: that was a joke! Relax!
pilne yeah, but it is starting to add cruft
quelqun_dautre SillyMusings: what do you know in JS ? What library can you use ? Ever used functional programming ? Do you know what a closure is ?
pilne LOL i would hope so rindolf, that isn't impossible, i just can't see why you'd do it other than being a code-massochist
little_bit SillyMusings: I'm going to assume you're fresh out of college, so let me make this clear: you're not getting those jobs.
rindolf pilne: use the wrong tool for the job! ;-)
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