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jkbbwr Gosh kotlin really makes things simpler
jkbbwr https://gist.github.com/jkbbwr/3f6fdca5d74f7c584fa7
rindolf jkbbwr: you can't stop telling us about how great kotlin is, can you? ;-)
rindolf "Kotlin makes the sun shine, and the birds sing, and the Earth revolve around the sun, and it convinced the Knights who until recently said 'Ni' to stop saying 'Ni'."
rindolf Kotlin is life. Kotlin is love.
war877 Praise kotlin! what is kotlin?
rindolf war877: if you have to ask what kotlin is , you'll never know!
rindolf beaky loves Kotlin.
Rounin I think they now say "Ekki ekki ekki tapannnnnnnnnnnng"
rindolf God wrote the universe in Kotlin.
millerti Who is kotlin and what's special about the code you linked to?
war877 Oh great. Yet another language to put on my research list.
rindolf war877: Kotlin is the meaning of life.
Rounin Not only that, but Kotlin also is life itself
rindolf Rounin: yes!
jkbbwr rindolf: people do it for FP I get to do it for Kotlin
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