Sunday Bloody Sunday - Fortune

Sunday Bloody Sunday

rindolf Hi all! Happy Sunday Bloody Sunday!
* vdamewood hands rindolf the magic Orange of Clobbergok
* rindolf eats that magic Orange.
rindolf vdamewood: that Orange tasted like watermelon.
vdamewood That's the magic.
* Zeno` gives rinny a big kiss
Zeno` (not gay btw)
* rindolf eats the kiss.
Zeno` :D
vdamewood rindolf: Which Bloody Sunday are you talking about?
rindolf vdamewood: U2’s.
vdamewood That's in late January
beaky hello
vdamewood beaky: Hell-o
rindolf beaky: hell!
vdamewood rindolf: The link in that article to the event the song is about points to the page I linked to.
ssta rindolf: the song is about the day
rindolf ssta: I know.
ssta it's also not new year's day (yet)
ssta one of the few U2 songs I like
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