Zuudolph - Fortune


rindolf JohnBobSmith: ah.
Zuu rindolf pindolf windolf, Hi :>
rindolf Zuu: hi, sup?
rindolf Zuu: maybe you should be Zindolf!
Zuu rindolf: nothing much, just weekendstinating :>
rindolf Zuu: ah.
Zuu Wooh, Zindolph :P
rindolf Or Zuundolph.
Zuu :D
* Zuu is now known as Zuudolph
rindolf Zuudolph: heh.
rindolf Zuudolph: you're missing an n.
Zuudolph The miss was kindof intentional :P
Zuudolph I mean, itetioal
rindolf Zuudolph: ah.
rindolf Zuudolph: heh.
rindolf Death to the n!
Zuudolph :P
rindolf We do't eed o stiki' N!
rindolf N is overrated.
rindolf Zuudolph: nice.
Zuudolph :D
rindolf Zuudolph kinda sounds like Rudolph.
Zuudolph That's what I was going for :P
rindolf Zuudolph: ah.
JohnBobSmith Zuudoplh the black and white penguin! Had a very shiny beak! And if you ever saw him, you would know hes a programmer!
JohnBobSmith lolz
JohnBobSmith Zuudolph: Do you like my attempt at poetry?
Zuudolph JohnBobSmith: it's a little arbitrary... so I guess it's good poetry :D
JohnBobSmith Zuudolph: :D
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