“What’s the Air Velocity of an Unladen Swift?” - Fortune

“What’s the Air Velocity of an Unladen Swift?”

jailbot I have a json file that I need in utf-8
jailbot how would I go about doing this
rindolf jailbot: isn't JSON utf-8 only?
rindolf jailbot: and you can use iconv
jailbot idk i'm serving a json file to my swift project
rindolf adsc: heh, heh.
jailbot and i'm getting this error "The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format."
jailbot and the docs say that it should be in utf-8
rindolf jailbot: what are the HTTP headers?
jailbot how can I check that
adsc in your browser's dev tools
rindolf jailbot: using a command line HTTP tool or a sniffer or whatever.
rindolf jailbot: or adsc's suggestion.
squid_squad visual studio is BUTTS
jailbot type: Document
jailbot I need to configure htaccess right
rindolf jailbot: possibly.
jailbot ~.~
jailbot its 2am I dont want this
rindolf jailbot: go to sleep.
rindolf jailbot: Tomorrow never dies.
jailbot im on a role
rindolf jailbot: s/role/roll/
jailbot I want to hang out with my friends tomorrow
jailbot not be writing swift haha
rindolf jailbot: I want a pony!
rindolf jailbot: what is the average air velocity of an unladen swift?
pluszak rindolf: what distribution? African or European?
ssta swallow surely?
rindolf pluszak: a Cupertino swift.
rindolf pluszak: designed by Apple in Kalifornia.
ssta "what's the airspeed velocity of an unladen spit" doesn't sound right
rindolf ssta: a swift is a bird similar to a swallow.
rindolf ssta: but not very related.
ssta I know :)
ssta nobody ever wrote a book called "Swifts and Amazons"
rindolf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swift
ssta swallows are clearly superior to swifts
rindolf http://geekz.co.uk/lovesraymond/archive/orifice-open
* rindolf wonders if there's a programming language called "Swallow"
ssta if not there ought to be
rindolf ssta: well volunteered!
ssta rindolf: it would wind up being very similar to java (but with a few fixes)
jailbot haha rindolf
jailbot I got it guys!
jailbot I was missing a :
rindolf jailbot: ah.
rindolf jailbot: does it swiftly work now?
jailbot yes!
jailbot i'm so excited
rindolf jailbot: ex-swift-elent!
jailbot almost no code
rindolf Or ex-swallow-lent.
rindolf jailbot: can you go to sleep now? Swiftly?
adsc rindolf: there doesn't seem to be a language called "swallow", but Spiral has a command called "swallow"
rindolf adsc: ah.
rindolf adsc: what is Spiral?
rindolf adsc: I don't see it here - https://duckduckgo.com/?q=spiral%20programming%20language
adsc rindolf: http://esolangs.org/wiki/Spiral
rindolf adsc: heh, heh.
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