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An IDE That Does Not Suck

vdamewood Maybe I should make an IDE.
vdamewood One that doesn't suck.
rindolf varesa: one thing I don't understand about JetBrains is why they have so many IDEs with a common codebase and different feature-sets. seems like a bad money-making scheme.
rindolf vdamewood: it likely will suck. :-).
vdamewood This coming from the guy who explains why all languages suck.
rindolf vdamewood:
rindolf vdamewood: and also
vdamewood Is that the one about competing standards?
rindolf vdamewood: yes, it is.
vdamewood Hey, every once in a while someone comes along, makes a new X, and completely obliterates every other X out there.
nso95 rindolf: hey!
vdamewood Speaking of competing products, I need to learn mercurial.
jeaye I don't see the need for yet another IDE.
rindolf nso95: hi, sup?
nso95 nm, you?
rindolf nso95: I woke up a while ago.
nso95 ah/
rindolf nso95: and I am unable to reproduce the short benchmarking time I got yesterday. I've lost faith in humanity.
nso95 that’s rather unfortunate
vdamewood My co workers:
nso95 this next semester is going to suck
vdamewood The next semester always sucks, except the one after your last.
vdamewood jeaye: There's no need for another bootloader either, but here I am.
jeaye That's different.
jeaye "One that doesn't suck." is the key point.
jeaye You didn't say that about the bootloader.
vdamewood Oh, yeah. I have no real goal to make mine not suck. Good point.
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